5+ Useful Websites To Create Events On Twitter

Online Events are getting more popular than offline events, and we have to make use of these opportunities to attend/create events.

Twitter Events or Tweetups, are really useful for networking, meeting like-minded local people and also for promoting your business/brand. Below I mentioned 5+ Useful websites for creating events on Twitter.

#1 – twtvite


Twtvite is an useful website to create and find Tweetups in your town. Twtvite uses google maps image so users can see where the event is exactly without having to look it up. They cab also search for other twitter events in their area by entering in a geographic location into the search bar.

#2 – Tweetvite


Tweetvite let’s you easily create and find Tweetups in your area. You can customize the look and feel of the invitation, track tweets & re-tweets, and list your event for others to find.

#3 – CalTweet


CalTweet is another useful website to promote your events on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Email & other social media sites. Share plans with your Friends. Print Guestlist & Have RSVP’s Emailed Directly to your inbox.

#4 – Twitzu


In Twitzu you can also use BBCode to embedd weblinks or images in description. Here, in Twitzu, you need to enter your Twitter login details to post the listing to your tweets, though the details won’t be tracked or stored.

#5 – Vevite


Using VeVite you can easily create a custom event and invite twitter friends. Vevite also has Event map for tracking the location and area easily.

#6 – TweetBrite


TweetBrite, with the tagline “make your event tweet!” is a new website for creating and managing events. It is a free twitter + EventBrite MashUp. Beta Testing is open right now.

#7 – Tweetbeat


Tweetbeat is a real-time source for what people are saying about any major event. Get the most interesting tweets about any major event, in real-time. Keep up with live sports, headline news, the hottest TV shows, conferences and much more.

You can also help me to extend this list. If you know any other useful website for creating events on Twitter, kindly share them below. Cheers.