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Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, described Twitter as “a way to communicate online with people and also called this service as a poor man’s email”. The word Twitter is not a new word to a techie and even to a non-techie. But Conditions do apply.

Okies now we are ready to start. BTW, don’t think I’m going to review about Twitter. I’m going to review about the search engine for Twitter. We are going to review about Tweetag. It is a sort of search engine for tweets. You can use Tweetag as a search engine for Twitter, which allows you to view hot topics, most discussed topics and you can hunt for messages containing particular Keywords. It also suggests some keywords  to get the results easily. Tweetag is often described as the tag-based search engine for Twitter.

You can keep track of what is being said in Twitter about any topic and matter. As they say, it is the best way to stay connected with the Web Of Thoughts. Tweetag displays only public Twitter messages. And remember one thing that Tweetag is not affiliated with Twitter.

You can use Tweetag to monitor specific keywords and hot in the popular micro-blogging site. Tweetag even has their own API. This feature allows the users to integrate their results in a blog widget or any other third-party applications.

You can search for any topics on Twitter
Browse the Twittosphere using

Tweetag is a cool new way to search Twitter or to browse the Twittosphere as their tagline says. For me Tweetag is a browserto surf Twitter. On the front page of Tweetag, you can see a tag cloud which consists of the hot topics discussed on Twitter currently. It usually consists of 40 most frequent, so you can get an idea about which is the most discussed hot topic in Twitter. You can easily find the priority of the Tags by the tag size of the topic as it is displayed on the Tweetag cloud. It is a great way to find a conversation you are interested in. You can search for the interested topic and reply and retweet them.

Arun in Tweetag

Tweetag provides more than that. You can even organize your results. You can reply/retweet to tweets or tweet the questions or quieries. Retweet is nothing but to repeat/quote someone’s tweet.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to search Twitter! 🙂