Being Like Schoemoney: Trademark Attitude

shoemoneyDuplicating what Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker did to complete his rags to riches story is not impossible, but realistically speaking, we know it is quite hard. This is the day that everyone can be an internet marketer, that everybody knows what SEO is, when most people have access to blogs that gives free tips and techniques to success. In other words, competition is a lot different from Schoemaker’s time when affiliate marketers and SEO practitioners were not as ubiquitous at is today, and being like him may take us 6 to 7 years if we are just busying ourselves reading his blogs and frothing with jealousy and envy.

So if you idolize this great guy and dream of becoming a millionaire like him, perhaps you can start reading his blog and learn his blogging virtues that made him successful.

Written below are some of his :

He knows commitment

Jeremy Schoemaker may not be your average grammarian and linguist but he knows the word commitment by heart. What I mean is, he may speak like an average American, like those normal delivery guys in 7 eleven or those bell boys at the Heartbreak hotel, with a very urban accent in it, but he wholeheartedly knows that he is committed to his work. He never forgets to blog at least 3-5 post a week, and he never overlooks valuable comments even if the whole commenting section is threading like crazy. He is a smooth talker and very enjoyable to talk with. And by just reading his honest replies, you’ll immediately recognize how devoted he is with his craft.

He knows sharing and helping

His Free Shirt Friday isn’t just for fun and bragging that he’s got one brawny and MMA-esque body. Whether you believe it or not, this Tito Ortiz-looking guy has a Cinderella heart. He’s one sweet guy who loves helping people and companies to promote their products and services on his blog. What’s more surprising is he doesn’t even care if the company is doing the same thing as his! He is one big helper and generous guy.

He knows how to laugh at himself

His blog is not just 100% Internet marketing space, it has tons of funny stories about him. From his ravaged knee to his haunted toilet to his business mistakes, he is fine sharing it on the Web even if it may cause him his online reputation. Another great thing about him is his online reputation is his positive attitude toward his readers, clients, and fans.

He treats his haters well

The funny thing about Jeremy is he never treats his haters with hostility and belligerence. What he always does is he posts the screenshot version of his enemies’ hate message or comment and adorns it with caption containing a few words of good words and jesting.

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