2 Easy Ways To Report Spam Websites To Google

Earlier we shared a simple tutorial for reporting Fake Facebook profiles & pages, now we are going to 2 simple ways to report spam websites to Google. You would have encountered lots of SPAM websites while browsing or searching, but you would have not reported this to Google, the most used Search Engine. The main reason would be, “I don’t know how to report”. Now this article explains the simple way to report spam websites to Google.

#1 – Using Google Webmaster Tools : If you have a Google account, then you can easily report suspicious SPAM websites to Google using this contact form.

Report Spam - GM

#2 – Using Google Chrome Extension : You can also try this cool Google Chrome extension — Google Webspam Report. This will help you submit spam websites to Google right from the browser easily.

Report Spam - Extension

Do you know any other ways to report spam websites to Google? If so, kindly share them in the comments.

HOW TO: Create Disposable Email Addresses

Disposable Email AddressesEver heard of disposable Email addresses? Yes? No? Disposable Email Addresses are not permanent addresses, they are indeed a disposable one and commonly used while signing up millions of newsletters and feed updates. Because you don’t want the spammers to spam your real and permanent email address. These disposable email addresses are not mentioned for the intention of any ill-activities and activities which are harmful to the society.

I picked up some top and worthy websites for you. They have email forwarding, automatic expiration and many more.

  • Jetable
  • SpamMotel