Using Social Visualization To Get Your Message Across

Every business wants to get their message out there any way that they can, so it’s no surprise that many are turning to social media to do a lot of the message-spreading for them. While most folks know that social media has taken off in recent years, a lot of companies and marketers still don’t know how social media will make their lives better.

What makes social media so amazing for businesses?

Social Media BusinessThe message that the company’s leadership has can be seen by anyone that the company allows. It allows businesses to quickly give their clients information, which makes those clients feel like they have an upper hand on their competition. It’s a beautiful thing for everyone involved when these tools are used the correct way.

While it may be tough for marketers to give up some of the control they have over the marketing campaign, it’s pretty obvious that social marketing is the wave of the future and something that everyone has to accept. Even though there is some control given up, all social media does is change the marketing strategy. Normally, that change is for the better.

So, what should a marketer do to make social media work for them instead of against them?

Well, the first thing that you have to do is accept that social media is necessary and then see how it can actually help in a marketing campaign. The message of a campaign can stay pretty much the same as it was, but every social media outlet needs to be treated in a different way because they all have their own unique functions.

  • For example, with LinkedIn, you would set up a campaign that would allow clients and others interested a way to see what the company is thinking about right now, which will allow the company to hear feedback on everything that is going on.

You don’t want to give up your control over the marketing that needs to be done, but you have to figure out how to make social media help achieve the company’s overall marketing goals. It may seem like the whole strategy needs to change because of social marketing, but the fact is that you can make it work with any current marketing project that you have going right now.

  • An example of how a social presence can be converged with a current marketing campaign is in IBM Voices. IBM had their marketing strategy in place, and then built IBM Voices to make it visual for everyone to see. You can take their archive storage for example. This is social visualization at its best because everything can be seen in one place and it gives clients a way to feel like they are interacting with the company, which, in fact, they are.

The good way to imagine social visualization working for you is to think of your website, with all of its available advertising channels, put on one page and with nonstop information coming to the customer.

This information is always updated, so your clients will always know what you need them to know.

The Difference:

The change that has crept in now in contrast to what was 5 years ago is that people want to have a transparent look at every company that they deal with. They aren’t satisfied with simply hearing about the products that you have to offer. They want to know the intricate workings of your company so that they can feel that there is a trust there. With those types of expectations, social visualization is the key to gaining clients’ trust, while at the same time potentially gaining more customers than ever before. This is why marketers have to add social visualization to their strategies and why more and more companies are expecting it from their marketers.

If you want to get the most out of a marketing campaign, social visualization is the way to go because, in all honesty, it makes a good campaign great. The key is to get a feel for how each social platform works so that you can get the most out of each and every one of them. It honestly isn’t very difficult to figure out, which is why it has caught on so quickly across the globe.

Marketers may not like that they are losing some control with the emergence of social media, but it really is something that can be used to benefit everyone, which can never be a bad thing. It’s something that is relatively new, but chances are that social media and social visualization are going to be around for a long time to come.

This article is written by Johanna Bergstrom. She is an avid blogger and writer. She is into developing content and is presently associated with She mostly finds herself amongst a wide variety of reading material and business tools.