Getting Ahead In Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Search engine optimization used to be the big thing in online business. Link building, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing once dominated Web campaigns. However, everything has changed since Social Media emerged. Right now, even though the older online marketing strategies are still widely used, social media is rapidly becoming the king of online marketing tactics  – mostly thanks to the increasing number of social media sites, which are changing the way people search for and share


So what makes social media click?

What keeps social media alive is the innate inclination of people to connect with one another, despite distance and time. Before the Internet was invented, business phone systems were crucial because they were almost always the only way by which people can gain access to a company for information.

social_mediaWhen the Internet was introduced, online search beca me the common practice. When someone needed information from an institution, for instance, he would open a search engine, type the name of the organization, and press enter to find its website and contact details. Today, to get that same information, someone can simply open his Facebook account and type something like “Anybody know about this institution?” In seconds, he can get an answer from one of his Facebook friends. So what’s the difference between looking for information through a search engine and finding info via a social media site (such as Facebook or Twitter)?

The difference is this: people are more comfortable getting the information that they need from people they know, those who can share personal opinions about a product, service, or idea. You must keep this in mind when developing a social media campaign.

Marketing your business through social media

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are best used for promoting brand awareness and fostering brand loyalty among your customers. You can also use them to promote a specific sale-oriented campaign. There are three basic steps to ensuring good social media marketing:

  1.  Get out there and let people know that you exist. If you’re promoting your brand, you can create a Facebook or Twitter page, follow similar pages (even the pages of your competitors, because you need to know what they’re up to), and share useful posts. Be sure that you share materials with real value and that you keep your content fresh and relevant. Try to post regularly. You can start with three posts per week, and then try posting at least once every day.
  2.  Listen and observe. You can get a lot of insight from your target market. If you’re in the technology business, always pay attention to the new tech that create buzz in the industry. Then, you can produce content about that to lead your followers to your site. You should also listen to the common problems and concerns of your prospective clients, and aim to address those problems. This will help you establish your business as a go-to organization and help you as you climb to the industry leader position.
  3.  Interact with people. Listening and observing are important; but you also need to do some talking, so to speak. Encourage others to interact with you. When you post something and someone comments, take that as an opportunity to initiate a conversation and create further interest. Provide with them giveaways and offers to feel pleased. Don’t let a comment go unanswered. Take every chance you get to engage with others.

These three basic steps will help you make sure that your social media campaigns are effective. Once you start, remember that this is an ongoing process that will require constant monitoring and adjustment. Dedicate a portion of your resources to proper handling and overseeing of this initiative, as well as ensuring that it is leading you to the direction that you want your business to take.