How To Install Thesis Skins [Tutorial]

Thesis Skins InstallUndoubtedly, Thesis theme is one of the most powerful WordPress themes released till now.

Thesis theme is unbelievably fully customizable.

You can make it look however you want and boast the strongest SEO of any theme.

There are lot of premium thesis skins and free thesis skins available on the net. You can download and easily implement them.

Please take backups of your Thesis theme before implementing this tutorial. Highly recommended for the sake of your blog.

How To Install Thesis Skins?

1. First download and install Thesis Import/Export WordPress plugin.

With this plugin, you can download individual data files for Thesis Options, Design Options, and all OpenHook content.

After downloading, upload the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/ directory through FTP or upload using the Dashboard directly.

Now, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

2. Now you need to upload the Thesis skin files to your Thesis custom folder. Use FTP Client for this. FileZilla Recommended!

Alternatives [FTP Clients] : 4 FTP Services: Heavy Lifting Simplified

3. Use the Thesis Import / Export plugin to automatically set all the correct Thesis options!

It is also possible to edit the color pattern and make changes to them.