SendInBlue Review – Easy Marketing Solution For Your Business

The word “Marketing” applies for both small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale businesses. Without Marketing, you’ll end up with a pile of hard works without any recognition. But people often avoid it because they are not sure about handling it and easily manage it. But wait, we have a simple and elegant solution for that. We are going to see about SendInBlue and how it can be your easy Marketing Solution.

SendinBlue is a self-service solution for businesses to send emails and SMS. You can effectively and easily manage your marketing campaigns independently. Anyone can use this tool, let you be a beginner or an advanced user, this is an effective tool for your marketing purposes. SendInBlue can give your outputs in a simple graph manner so that you can easily track your results.


Features Of SendInBlue

1. Email Marketing: You can easily create your email marketing campaigns with their email creation tools like Drag&Drop. You can also stylize your emails with efficiency.

2. SMS Campaigns: Apart from Emails, they also give preference to SMS. You can track the performance of your messages with detailed statistical reports, like whether it got delivered, opened, bounced, etc.

SendInBlue - SMS Campaigns

3. Real-time Tracking: You can track your campaign results in real-time. You can also even create your own tracking statistics, like filter them by Internet Service Providers (ISP), etc.

4. Subscription Forms: You can easily create your subscription form and prepare a list for marketing.

5. Spam check: Using their Inbox test you can make sure your mail doesn’t end up in the spam folder. You can experiment with various email clients for your campaigns so that your mail safely reaches the Inbox.

6. Trigger marketing: Trigger Marketing is actually a kind of lead generation program that automatically creates mail-ready campaigns.

These are just some of the key features; you have more marketing features you can experiment and see the results, both for Email and SMS marketing. They also provide various templates for your email newsletter; you can test them and see which one is much suitable for your works. Do you use Google Analytics for your existing works? Well, you can also add SendInBlue to it and see the results.

SendInBlue will be your one-stop solution for your marketing efforts, do give it a try and let us know your opinions.