AdSense Click Frauds – Exposed AdSense Fake “CLICKERS” Group

Say no to Google AdSense Click FraudGoogle AdSense is the most trusted Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program known to the bloggers. What makes AdSense different from other counterparts is its efficient publisher revenue sharing system. As it is known to all, Google recently changed the policies of AdSense and the application program for it. It’s now a 2 step application process where first your account request is partially approved and after reviewing your account fully, Google provides you the full account access. As getting an AdSense account became a difficult task now, as you have to oblige some policies to get it. On the other hand it has become a business for some. Yes, lots of people do sell and buy AdSense accounts online, which is a straight violation of Google AdSense policy. Somehow people do get an AdSense account either by hook or crook, the main issue arise with the AdSense earnings. 

Google Adsense Fraud Clicks

Google always warns you not to click on your ads and also not to urge anyone to click on your ads. Bloggers who own an AdSense account do worry about earnings if their blog don’t cover a good trending niche topic and don’t have proper traffic, so that makes them engage in AdSense click frauds. Adsense click frauds have taken a big spot among such blog owners, they do indulge in such activities which ultimately make their AdSense account disabled.

All AdSense click frauds follow the same line do-follow principle “You click on my ads and I will click on your ads“. It is a bad activity since you asked someone to click on your ads, here you violated Google AdSense policy. A current survey report shows that when it comes to global AdSense click frauds index, yes “Asian” countries top the charts and more dominantly India, Pakistan, China, etc. Yes poor publishers from these countries join some bogus AdSense networks which promotes AdSense click frauds.

Today we have something great for you, which in a way describes the full process behind this AdSense click frauds and how some innocent publishers are fooled.

Searching some clues we found an AdSense network, a social group of people with name “AdSense clicker” or a person having his/her last name as “Clicker” on Facebook. Yes the whole AdSense click frauds system is running on Facebook with full thrust and day by day members of such groups are increasing.

Exposing AdSense click frauds community “AdSense Clicker” group

  • A community or a group with the name “AdSense Clicker” is made and people joining such groups know their business, so not listing here.
  • The preferred way is to create a Facebook profile with last name as “Clicker”. Automatically Facebook will show a list of people whom you can add from ‘recommended friends section’ or you’ll get friend requests from such other people by self.
  • Real process starts here, you ask these publishers to make certain impressions on your blog and then clicking on your ads (one or two). It’s a process like “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”.
  • Such groups don’t allow clicking from proxies sometimes so they enter in website via some organic keyword and then makes some page impressions.

So how far do you think this AdSense click frauds will go. Tell you truly this system works a lot, though Google somehow later tracks the invalid click activity and the account is banned. But that’s all about bad luck.

How system of AdSense click frauds work by AdSense Clicker Group

We found an access to such one account on Facebook with the last name “Clicker”. This fellow described us the whole process, how talks go between two publishers as they don’t respond if you straight away ask them for clicks. Check this screenshot below of the Facebook friend requests from such people.


I have edited Facebook profile name of our informer, blog links, and dates.

Google AdSense Click Fraud

In the above picture you can see the persons with their last name as “Clicker” and do note the amount of friends they have and the number of mutual friends. It’s somewhat a shocking result, people engaging in this in a huge number.

How the talks in “AdSense Clicker” group goes

  • Person A – Free 
  • Person B – yes. Req ?
  • Person A – 30 imp, 1 ads
  • Person B – Url ?
  • Person A – And yours ?
  • Person B – 40 imp, 1 ads. Url is
  • Person A – Counter stats ?
  • Person B -562345
  • Person A – Mine is 65236
  • Person B – Now start.
  • Person A – First ad link –
  • Person B – First ad link –
  • Person A – Done.
  • Person B- Done.

Below you can see the actual talk between two publishers of “AdSense Clicker” group.


I have edited Facebook profile name of our informer, blog links, and dates.

Google AdSense Click Frauds Proof

As you have observed the talk between the two publishers start with the code “Free” and then take each others requests. Then both person mention their work in format ” _ Imp, _ ad “, it tells how many impressions each need from the other party and the amount of ads to be clicked upon. The most important stuff comes with the entry into blog, direct or with any keyword in Google search so traffic impression may count as organic not direct/referral. Having a stat counter on page is must for such publishers as both need to tell each other’s counter to them and then starts clicking process, it however verifies how many page impressions they have made so far. Thus AdSense click frauds mission accomplished.

How to Identify such AdSense click fraudsters?

  • Try searching in Facebook, the persons with last name as “Clicker” and report them to Facebook as well as Google.
  • Report all groups with name “AdSense Clickers” on Facebook or somewhere else.

Disadvantages of Joining such AdSense networks

AdSense click frauds system has become something like “quicksand” from where if once indulge, recovery is difficult. As normally seen such clickers use “Proxy IP” to click which Google tracks easily and bans your account sooner or later.

You expose your blog URL to such malicious group of people who can’t be trusted and you can be a victim of “Click Bombardment” sooner or later. You somehow end up violating any Google AdSense policy which lead to disabling of your so precious AdSense account.

How to report to Google AdSense regarding “AdSense click frauds”?

If the AdSense fraud is going on a website which also features Google AdSense ads, then to report click on “Ads by Google” or “AdChoices” link written in corner of any AdSense ad. The Google AdChoice page opens and you can report any violation at the bottom of page.

Being a sincere Google AdSense publisher or advertiser you must report such cases where you see a fraud is going on.

Google AdSense is a great source of income for serious bloggers or part-time bloggers. It is a source of earning their livelihood. Indulging in any type of fraud click activities is not promoted and one should stay away from such things. The main reason behind writing this article is to let concerned authorities aware of such malicious activities going on so they can be tracked in much better way.

If you have ever come across such bogus fake AdSense networks claiming to generate legitimate clicks, please do comment or report to Google AdSense.