Create Safe & Secure Email Address For Your Children

Most of the parents are worried about the negative side of Internet i.e., the Dark side. Children can get addicted to anything. So it is better to keep an eye on them, until they are old enough to understand the atmosphere. Most parents focus on safe browsing. Of course, E-mail plays an important role in it.

That’s why I prefer parents to check, a Web-based mail service mainly designed for children. It is easy to get a mail address here and offers better controls than any other Mail service such as AOL or Microsoft. It does not need any other extra software.

Use the Tour or Tutorial section of that service for additional help.

What Zoobuh does for your children?

They will receive mail only from users or persons in the approved contact list.

They can send mail only to those same approved users or persons.

Note : Zoobuh allows parents to change these settings.

Parents can get copies of incoming or outgoing messages, they can customize that mail and after that send to their children. i.e., they can remove any unwanted images, links and other attachments.

Parents can add unwanted bad words in the filter box for avoiding or blocking those words in mail.


Cool Features :

The Mail QueueTM

Zoobuh has a feature called The Mail QueueTM which allowsparents to put all incoming mail into a folder only you can see. Email inside it will not be visible to the child until you approve it. Messages can also be deleted and denied from it.

Activity Logs

You can even find when your child logged in and logged out.

Custom Mailbox Folders

You children can have unlimited folders to have their mails. It has descriptions attached to store saved mails.

Block Individual Senders

You can block individual senders by putting them into a separate list.

Time Restrictions

You can restrict time limits for your children. You can lock this if they are not school, doing homework, or at a friend’s house.

Zoobuh is not free, but it is indeed inexpensive. It offers you a free 30-day trial and after that service charge is just $1 (Rs.50 approx) per month for each account.

I know price is not an issue of matter for the protection of your children.