5 Things You Can Learn From “Entrepreneur” Ritesh Sarvaiya

Ritesh SarvaiyaToday the Internet is crowded with billions of folks online and more so, the IT Business Space and yet one man set his footprint here and left an indelible imprint on that space for all to see, read and learn.

Mr Ritesh Sarvaiya, Founder & CMD of Rikhav Infotech Private Limited, is a great visionary, with an extremely humble beginning. When he could not make up for in initial funds, he made up with tremendous focus and determination, that enabled him to achieve his dreams and goals, in an incredibly short span of time.

1. Never Hesitate To Start From Small Jobs

While he was still studying in college, Ritesh served with a pharmadistributor and sold glucose bottles to doctors. Later in 2002 immediately after graduation, he was a door to door salesman for the newly launched Sunday Express subscriptions. On every subscription that he sold, he earned Rs 5. He was given a target of selling 20 subscriptions a day. The job he did was tiring however he said that, it only helped him to become more tolerant towards others and their nature. And above all, the satisfaction he got when he received Rs 100 or more after a hard day’s work was priceless.

2. Believe In Your Passion; Don’t Worry About Other Things

Then, his stint at Reliance Infocomm, where he worked as an associate executive in Reliance Handsets made him dream and achieve all that he is today. There, he saw the bigger picture of how a small idea could become huge and create a lot of wealth for the country. He then shifted to Wipro and 2 years there, with a mentor who was tough but caring, taught him all about leadership skills and enabled him to see the potential in every human being. This is where he sensed that if “you have the passion and believe in whatever you do, you can achieve anything in life.” He knew that if he continued to work under somebody, he would be fulfilling their dreams and not his and that’s what got him dreaming big and that has never stopped even today.

3. From a Blueprint to a Big Building

Rikhav InfotechEarly 2006, Rikhav InfoTech was conceptualized as a website development company, with a workforce of just 8, but highly committed young professionals. Over the years, with the abiding support of its clients and associates, along with the growing needs of internet-related services, Rikhav InfoTech now offers comprehensive web-based solutions under one roof.

Rikhav InfoTech today offers complete web-based communication solutions like: Corporate Identity, Web Design & Content, E-commerce and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also provides with cutting-edge technology and competitive web strategies that not only enhances your brand but also places you way ahead of competition.

The Internet has gained a tremendous thrust over the last few years in India; businesses have still not made optimum use of this medium and so many still believe that the Internet is an expense. Rikhav InfoTech is working towards convincing such folks that the Internet is an investment, by sharing possibilities online and how it could take their business to the next level. He feels that business’s today have just reached a small portion of its potential and merely scratched the tip of the iceberg. By showing how one can empower their business with the power of the World Wide Web, they’ve helped many businesses to see the bigger picture and explore it to the fullest. In the coming years, Ritesh is confident that they will be one of the few key players in the Industry offering comprehensive Web-solutions under one roof.

Further, their Online Reputation Management solutions include Social Media Optimization which is a huge phenomenon that has swept the Internet space. Today, most players are offering these services separately.

Their outsourcing network has over 900 clients who are reaping the benefits of integrated and cost-effective Web-solutions.

4. Targeting International Audience

His next goal is to capture the International Automotive Niche, and he has already begun this with the launch of Trucking Port. On this website, Truck Dealers can upload their used trucks and take their business across the country, at very reasonable costs; Truck Dealers, who would like to come on Board & park their Trucking Inventory with TruckingPort.com. He now has the vision to expand this to other countries like Australia, UK, and New Zealand.

Like any other entrepreneur even he had road blocks to his progress, with the constitution of any company funds play a very important role and even they had to struggle for over 10 months, but his perseverance finally paid off. Finally, one of their clients Mr. Hitesh Lakhani, who was hugely impressed by their dedication, execution and vision, offered to give wings to their dreams. And they’ve never looked back since then.

Ritesh Sarvaiya says, “it is the satisfaction you get knowing that you are adding tremendous value to businesses worldwide and also creating wealth for your own country. Not to mention creating employment for so many people”.

5. Dominate a field in India

His other aim is to launch the biggest B2B Portal of India, in the coming years, with his visionary domain – www.btobIndia.com which he is confident will be launched very soon. He is also clear that he will continue to expand his horizons in India by providing world-class Web-solutions and create more wealth for our country and grow to a family of 600 people, all working under one roof.

After catering to more than 900 foreign clients through his outsourcing business, they are now aggressively planning to make a positive difference to the online presence of businesses in India.

A person who always set his goals higher, and knows the importance of processes even when they were small, has made life much simpler, seamless and transparent. I would like to wish him my the very best and all due success in all his future endeavors.

Ritesh is a brilliant Entrepreneur, you can get in touch with him through email ritesh@rikhavinfotech.com, he would love to answer your mails & would love to help you if you have any concerns in your start up.