Preparing For Apple’s Next iPhone? Then Sell Your Old One Back!

Apple, no doubt is preparing all its followers, users, lovers and may be you, to get ready for the launch of iPhone 5 (or whatever the name is). No doubt, it’s price will be very high. But no matter how expensive it is, people still want to try their hands on it. Don’t worry, now you can sell your iPhone 4S back to Apple and get $345 for your old phone. It is not a bad deal after all, especially since you are getting this from Apple itself. But you won’t be paid in cash unfortunately, Apple will give you a Voucher Card. Using that Voucher Card you can get any Apple product with respect to that price.

Apple Reuse and Recycle

Voucher Cards? Yes we are talking about the Apple Reuse and Resell program. It is quite fascinating, not only does it provide you a chance to return your Apple product, you can also return your Windows PC to them! Not bad, right?

Now, here’s a quick tutorial on how to sell your iPhone 4S back to Apple.

How to sell your iPhone back to Apple?

The trick is quite simple and has uses of its own. For example, you can sell your old desktop, iPad, iPhone to Apple. That looks quite easy.

1. Go to Apple Reuse and Recycle program. You will see a menu there like this.

Product Manufacturer Apple

2. In the category option, choose iPhone. This is where you select iPad, Desktop or anything you want to sell.

3. In the manufacturer option, it will be automated and will be selected as Apple. As Apple already knows what they sell.

4. In the series option, you have to choose your phone series. For example, if it is iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, 3GS, or 3.

5. Now in the model option, just select the model of the phone, which may be 16GB, 32GB or 64GB model. Please select only the options that are true. Otherwise, they won’t send the voucher.

6. Just click continue when you are done. You will be taken to a page like this.

Questions - Reuse and Recycle Apple

Now, the essential part is to select the proper options about your phone. Sometimes, people fill this wrong and this results in voucher failure. After all, you have to buy from them at the end.

  • A) If the iPhone hangs in between use. Or doesn’t work when more than two apps are opened. You might select the first option to be No.
  • B) If there are some battery issues, like your iPhone doesn’t charge or doesn’t run proper battery. Its better to stick to No. Or if it doesn’t have these problems, just look back and pin Yes.
  • C) If the iPhone is scuffed, have some wear and tear, had water damage. Its better to avoid saying Yes. Otherwise, we’re cool.
  • After you click continue option, after selecting, I have removed all content and settings, supplied power cord. You will taken to the screen with the option like this.

    Estimated Fair Value Apple

    7. The Apple website will take you to a page which asks you, your complete personal information.

    contact info - apple

    8. You just have to fill all the options so that they can contact you for your iPhone.

    This works pretty easily if you are in U.S. Even if you are in India, you will be contacted by an Apple reseller. Also, there are many countries where this works successfully.

    Any mistakes or problems while selling your iPhone? Please let us know through the comments below.

    This article is written by Aman Singh. He is from AppleShark. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.