3 Things To Do To lose Out All Blogging Stress

Blogging is great isn’t it? Except we have to deal with lots of stressful things like writing articles for blog, marketing our blog, managing our blog and lots of other things.

All this stressful things makes us to lose out our prime focus and makes our blogging work harder and harder. If you are in stress you can’t hold your pencil perfectly to write some effective lines for your blog post, you can’t find a proper tactic to market your blog. In stress you can do anything effectively and productively.

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So if you want to shine in blogging arena then the first thing that you have to do is getting rid of this stress thing. Because stress is productivity eater and eats out our productivity completely so we have to avoid stress anyhow.

So below I’m sharing my 3 tips to avoid the blogging stress and work more productively for your blog:

1.Watch Funny Videos And Movies

The best thing that you can do to reduce stress is by laughing. You can watch some funny videos on YouTube or Funny Movies on internet to let it out all your stress so that you can work more productively and effectively.

According to me laughter is best medicine for losing out all our blogging stress and you can lose it by watching funny videos, movies, pics, messages etc…

2. Reading Books

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies. I read a lot and also write a lot, whenever I feel that my stress level is raising up then I just pickup any book from my bookshelf and start reading to divert my mind from stress and make it cool and productive again. So after sometime I can go back to my blogging work with freshness and complete my pending work.


The third place where I go to release all my blogging stress is Facebook. I just login into my profile and watch some funny videos, funny movies, pics , status updates shared by friends to decrease the level of my blogging stress  if still I’m unable to decrease it then I just start chatting with my friends and after certain period of time I completely forgot about my stress, and have a refreshed mind to work on.

I love Facebook it’s my stress buster.

So above are three tips that you can use to reduce your blogging stress level like by watching funny videos, chatting with friends, reading books etc. if you’ve your own way to lose out the stress then share it with us in below comment section….

Thanks for reading… I hope this post will help you out….

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This article is written by Sarvesh. He is the lead editor at funny-commercials.org and is passionated in the advertisement industry and about the viral effect of funny commercials.