8 Reasons Forcing Me To Say NO To Your Guest Post

With the arrival of Google Panda and Google Penguin, lots of traditional link building techniques have lost their importance. More and More Website Owners, SEO’s and Link builders have started including guest blogging as one of important activities in their Marketing Plans. In the recent times, flow of guest blogging requests on my blog Bloggers Passion has increased to great extent. I hope you guys also facing the similar kind of situation on your personal or business blog in case you are accepting guest posts on them. With so many guest post requests, ideas and posts coming for review, I must say percentage of high quality guest posts have reduced. Lots of link builders, SEO’s and freelancers seem to be coming to my blog just to complete their quote of guest post links.

guest rejection reasons

Right now, I’m getting 100 plus guest post requests in a month and if you look at the actual guest post which gets published on my blog, they will be just 10-15 only. Here are some common reasons which force me to say No to a guest post on my blog:

1. Your Guest Blogging Request Email Matters a Lot to me

Some guest bloggers emails me explaining they are interested in doing guest posts on my blog. They will be writing 500 words long guest posts and in return they are expecting 2-3 backlinks from their guest post body and signature sections.

I just ignore such emails. In their Email, they have shown their intensions, they are on my blog just to build backlinks for their own or client websites.

2. You are Sending Guest Post on Unrelated Topics

I have already mentioned the kind of topics I’m accepting as guest post in my guest blogging guidelines section on my blog. But still some guest bloggers are pitching me their guest posts on off topics. Since my blog is about Blogging, SEO and WordPress Web Hosting Comparison related topics, you cannot expect me to publish a guest post around health or travel topic here.

3. Too Many Mistakes in Your Guest Post

Some guest posts are sent without any proof reading. No doubt I love making minor corrections in the submitted guest post but don’t expect me or any other blogger doing too many corrections in your guest post. This could be one of reason for your guest post rejection.

4. You are Asking Me to Add Keyword Based Links

I have clearly mentioned in my guidelines; I don’t accept keyword based backlinks from the submitted guest post on my blog. But still some guest bloggers don’t forget to enter their keyword based (SEO Optimized) anchors in their posts. I’m no more accepting such links, no doubt you are allowed to add links for your brand or your Social Media profile in your guest post.

Normal Link:

Normal Link

Keyword Based Link:

Keyword Based Link

5. Not Following my Guest Blogging Guidelines

Most of blog owners are not accepting short guest post there days. You are expected to submit a guest post carrying a good length and don’t forget about the content quality. So if you are submitting a 400 or 500 word long guest post, most of popular bloggers will not accept your guest post.

Lots of blog owners start accepting guest posts on their blogs to bring more diversity and to share new ideas from other bloggers with their target audience. So submit just high quality, unique and targeted guest post to the blog owner. And before submitting your guest post to a blog owner, make sure you are aware about his/her guest blogging guidelines in detail.

6. You are Not Replying to Comments

As a blog owner, we used to accept guest posts on different topics and it’s not necessary we got detailed knowledge about every published guest post. Guest blogger, who is submitting the guest post around any particular topic, knows much better about that topic. And he is the best person to respond to queries coming from my blog readers on his guest post. If you have the habit of not replying to comments, lots of blog owners will say no to your guest post.

Some blog owners may even delete your published guest post if you are not replying to incoming comments on your guest post after receiving email notification about comments on your guest post.

7. You are Linking to Bad Websites or Become too Self-Promotional

Blog owners may ignore your guest post altogether if you are linking to bad or unrelated websites in post content or author bio. You should not add too many links for your own website in your guest post body.

You should do the reverse. You should add links for couple of earlier blog posts and pages from the blog owner. And while linking to other websites, make sure you adding references for good and trusted websites only.

8. Don’t Have an Account on Gravatar

gravatar image

I have noticed some blog owners will not accept your guest post if you don’t have an account on Gravatar. You can see one live example here at FamousBloggers.net where its owner Hesham Zebida, is expecting you must have an account on Gravatar in case you want to submit your guest post on his blog.

So you should create an account on Gravatar today and make sure you are using your own personal image there.

These are some of common reasons which are forcing me to say no to lots of guest posts that are submitted to me. What is your criteria for rejecting a guest post and on what basis your guest post was rejected by a blog owner, please share your thoughts and concerns in this regard in the comments section.