HOW TO: View Websites Without Signing Up

It will be quite irritating when you are forced to register a site to view it. If you are frustrating to sign up, then there is a trick for you to overcome it. Bug Me Not provides you disposable logins for almost all the popular and famous websites out there which forces you to register. You don’t need to register in Bug Me Not. 😛 You can find and share logons for websites that force you to register. You can also submit a login, if interested. Bug Me Not will bypass compulsory registration and sign up.


Sometimes the websites thrown up by Google Search results cannot be viewed unless you are a member in that website. Of course, you have to register to become a member, which is quite annoying and frustrating for some users. You can beat this problem by visiting the Google Cache copy of that website. Click the Cached link to do this trick. If this trick fails, you can use Be The Bot site which will fool the site by making it think that Google Crawling Bot is accessing it. Check Bug Me Not now.