Your Blog Readers Will Hate You For All This?

There is very thin line between love and hate.  A person, who is in love with you, can hate you for his lifetime, because of a small mistake.

Same goes for our blog readers.

Blog readers who are in love with your blog, can kick the a** out of your blog, because of many reasons. And once they are gone, then they are not going to come back.

Believe me, once your valuable reader stop reading your blog, then there is nothing that you can do to get them back on reading your blog.

You may wonder “Why My Readers Are Going To Hate Me? I haven’t Done Anything Wrong. ”

Let me tell you something – Our mistake will always remain unknown to us, even if they are in front of our eyes. We only came familiar to our mistakes when we see their effects like: if you are writing you blog post, then for you it’s very hard to find your own typos, but hand over your article to any other person and see the magic.

It’s a truth writer and bloggers can’t edit their own work. – A very bitter truth. (As a writer I’m sad for this.)

So it’s important for us to take care of our blog readers, and do our best to keep them in love with our blog. And never ever give them any reasons for hating our blog.

By the way, “What can be the reasons of reader’s hatred for your blog?”

Here’s the answer of your question – 6 main reasons can make your readers hate you, forever.


Your Blog Design

We have million color combinations in our hand. But here’s the twist – we can’t use each and every combination for our blog design.

You may wonder “Why?”.

Because colors what makes our blog design good.  So we have to be very narrow and specific about what color combination, we are picking for our blog design. Because our readers first going to feel our blog with their eyes, not with their mouth.

If our blog design is inevitable then, they will think about using their mouth and brain. So the first side of better blog coin is “good blog design”, so try to with the toss.

Your Blog Content

There is a saying, that I would like to mention here is “Beauty With Brain – Very Rare Combination.”

Same goes for our blogs.

Blogs with good design and good content are also very rare combination. But if we want to strike our presence in blogospheres, then we have to get this rare combination for our blog.

You need to have good design for your blog with good content also. Because once your blog design invites your readers for dinner, then your content is their food, which they will eat to feed their hunger. And let me tell you in this world nobody is a big fan of eating junk food – note this, it’s very important lesson.

You’ve Attitude Problem

“Attitude is very small thing that makes a big difference.” – Yeah share it on facebook, twitter everywhere.

If you have harsh attitude for your blog readers, then you are making a huge error, which leads in loss of blog readers.

Yeah, be on same level of your blog readers, talk with them, solve there queries and reply to their comments. Act like that you are friend of your blog readers, who always ready to help them out.

Never show your attitude to your blog readers. Because they have their own, and when they come to show their attitude you will going to lose your readers and as well as your blog reputation and respect.

Your Blog Has No Interaction

Lots of times we all want silence, like at the time of studying, doing some important works, bed time and lots of other moments. But

There are times when silence can be dangerous for us.” –(Share it). And the time is when your blog readers have it.

If your blog readers are not interacting with your blog, then it simply means that your readers are not interested anymore in reading your blog. They started to hate your blog, because everybody has their fingers on their mouth, they are not interacting with your blog, not commenting, not sharing anything with their social media presence etc.

They are completely avoiding your blog, which is very bad.

So try to entertain and engage your blog audience by doing anything, which helps you to break their silence.

You Are Annoying

You really make me angry by “mentioning me on facebook”, “DM me on facebook & twitter” with the link of your each and every new post daily.  Which makes me feel like you are stalker more than blogger, because whenever I open my social media accounts, I see you and only you?  If you keep doing this then I’m goanna kick your blog ass out, even if you offer more valuable content then copyblogger.

So stop this pinging nonsense, if you really want to stop the haters of your blog readers, but if you want to grow it then move on bro…

Moving With Same Old Story Again And Again

How many topics you cover on your blog?

Answer that question in your head, and count the number of topics that you cover on your blog. Because the more topics you have on your blog, the better it is, because readers always want to read fresh and fresh stories.

Not the same old story with different title. If you stick with same old stories, then your blog readers will hate you for telling the same thing that they already know. So its better that you think out of the box and always have something new to say.

My Final Words

Love is thing, which doesn’t sticks for too long with us. It always searches for a window to run out, and a hate always searches for open window to jump in.

All these things can be a key to open that window, which will give a chance to ran out the love of your readers for your blog and get replaced by haters. So it’s better to avoid all these things if you really want that your reader’s sticks with you forever.

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IMAGE CREDIT : IneslsVeg_n