Leverage On Twitter Traffic To Market Your Website

Increase Twitter FollowersIn this modern time and age, those who are not in tune with advance social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will be considered ‘backward’ or ‘old-fashioned’. In the case of owning a Twitter account, it might be a lot harder and trickier for you to gain followers as you’ll need some extremely interesting, eye-catching and spiced up tweets in order for you to get hundreds or thousands of followers. The better your tweets are, the more followers will connect with you and be your biggest fans. Twitter could also be used as a medium for your business marketing and communication to reach out to a larger number of potential customers. However, there are methods that make gaining and increasing your Twitter followers much easier without having to come up with quirky and juicy tweets. Here are some tips to leverage on Twitter traffic and increase followers for marketing your websites and blogs.

1. Hit on the ‘Follow’ button often

In order to keep up with the pace, you’ll need to follow, follow and follow others. There’ll be plenty of tools available online for you to do this task more quickly, if your fingers are tired. These specialized apps will also let you identify the people who are talking about your niche which in turn will encourage the others to mass-follow them. On the other hand, you’re allowed to mass follow 50 people at a time, so keep hitting on the ‘Follow’ buttons!

2. Wait patiently for the follower’s mark

Once you’ve managed to hit the follower mark of 2000 (or your very own limit if you’ve already surpassed that point), what you should do next is to wait for around four to five days for the people you’ve followed to follow you back. Do keep it in mind however that there’s no absolute guarantee that everyone will follow you back. You may expect a return of about 50% and if you’re able to get more than that, it’s even better but don’t get your hopes up too high.

If you aren’t able to get a 50% return, then perhaps it’s time for you to take a quick look at your own Twitter page or the image that you’re displaying. Change whatever that is necessary. Also, this will be the perfect time for you to start fostering a relationship with your first round of followers, the sooner the better.

3. ‘Unfollow’ the unnecessary

In order for Twitter to allow you to grow beyond 2000 followers, the ratio of followers to following needs to remain close to 1:1. However, although the rule isn’t applicable to every Twitter users, beginners should always abide by the given rule to have check and balance. There are also plenty of tools for you to use to instantly ‘unfollow’ 25 people at a time. Unlike most other mass-unfollowing tools, there’s an app that allows you to be selective in the process as opposed to purging the entire list of followers. But you should never mass follow or unfollow Twitter users.

4. Never spam, keep it professional

Seriously, never ever spam. It’s really uncool and it invades other people’s privacy. Feel free to do so if you want to be hated by the community and lose a lot of followers. Otherwise, please only use this method if you have something extremely special and valuable to add and let the masses know about it.

5. Be interesting at all cost

Your tweets should always represent your image if your Twitter is all about your business. If your Twitter is personal, then your tweets should be interesting enough but don’t be too provocative and controversial. Not everyone loves hot gossip, so be extremely wise and cautious with your words when you tweet to the public.

All in all, having more followers than your other competitors in the industry could really help you get that much-needed edge in the social media realm; hence maximizing your followers as much as possible is the only way to achieve your mission. Happy tweeting!

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Tips For Writing A Great Blog Post

There are many different ways that you can write a blog post and every single one will come across differently to the readers. A blog is a great way to become known online. But when you don’t have great content on your blog, you would see that the amount of visitors to your blog would decrease.

For those starting out you’ll want to develop a firm topic of choice or niche. When you have a niche, you are more likely to get more generalized viewers that are finding what they want instead of having to continue searching for it.

A Few Quick Tips To Write A Great Blog Article

  • tips-for-great-blog-postHave your own opinion, but ensure its known that it’s your personal opinion
  • Don’t write overly long articles and get right to the point
  • Write catchy headlines. This would attract readers
  • Be passionate with your writing
  • Use bullet points for lists of information
  • Avoid having any spelling/grammar errors. Improve your writing, check the 5 Blogs That Will Help You To Improve Your Writing Skills.
  • >Be consistent with your style of writing for each blog article
  • Don’t over use keywords

Blogs are a great way to express what you think of certain things such as products or services, and they are always a great way to get yourself known in the online world. When you can write excellent content on your blog, you’ll see the amount of people that visit your blog increase.

When you are writing a blog post, you should try to go straight to the point. Avoid making long post. You should only post long post if you want to clarify a post. Blogs are designed to allow you to show people the information you want quickly so that the viewers can find exactly what they want right away. Try using sub headings if you have longer content so that people can still quickly skim through the content you have.

For people that have blogs you should have a writing frequency i.e you can decide if you want to be posting daily or weekly. This would help your readers to know when to expect a post from you. Updating your blog regular would also help to improve your search engines ranking. This is evident with Google. Google loves fresh content. I have seen recent written articles on newspapers website rank on the first page for a difficult keyword.

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