How Frequent Should You Update Your Blog?

Blogging FrequencyThere is no right or wrong answer for this question. It is difficult to give a solid answer because the topic is very broad and subjective. Nevertheless, this article will try to explain the answer from several perspectives of update frequency for general, new blogs and blogs which focuses on SEO.

Posting frequency

Posting entries daily is not practiced by many bloggers because finding ideas and materials to blog about is not easy. That is the reason why new bloggers are encouraged to consider their niche carefully before starting a blog.

The frequency of updates depends on what you are doing with your blog. People are different when it comes to varying time constraints and writing abilities. Updating at least once a week should be sufficient for small general blogs. If you go less than that, it would be hard to maintain your readers’ interest. However, it is different, for example, if you run a news or technology blog. It would be good to post new contents on a daily basis or even several times a day for the blog to garner the interest desired.

Update frequency for new vs. not-so-new blogs

A new blog should be updated daily. Some people argue that the frequency of posting does not matter but this does not apply for new blogs. Your blog is your house in cyberspace. Imagine your new blog as a new unfurnished house in the real world. What do you see inside? Empty. Go get a few things and fill it so that people can call it a “house”. Posts and articles are the furniture for your blog so that visitors will call it a “blog”. Start with a few posts in the first week and increase the number in the following week.

How about blogs which are not so new anymore? First, you must understand the pattern of visitor arrivals on your blog. They come on the first day and if you are lucky, you will get them hooked and they will come to check out what’s new on the following days. Their visits are becoming a habit now. But what if the day comes when they don’t see new post and there is none the next day and the many more days to come. The readers will lost interest and would seldom visit your blog now. They might even probably stop visiting altogether.

However, things can turn out differently despite your infrequent updates. You’ve definitely heard of this – “Quality is better than quantity“. This is true in blogging. Some people cannot update very frequently due to other commitments in life. This does not mean that they have forgotten; they are probably in the midst of cooking up an info-packed post. If you post anything of good quality that your readers are looking for, you will get traffic as high as the pro bloggers even if you don’t update very often.

Update frequency for SEO blogs

Running a blog to generate income is different from having a blog as a hobby. What about a full-time blogger who makes a living from blogging? Some people say two or three times per week should be sufficient but a daily update is the best.

How frequent should SEO blogs update their content? Content is the king in SEO campaigns. Updating your blog is vital to bring new traffic and to increase your ranking in search engines. When you update your blog with new contents, you will reap more SEO benefits by having more of your pages indexed by the search engines. Search engines function to bring people for new information and as such, you will get better results from the search engines if you add fresh contents more frequently.

What if I can’t update on a daily basis? Whenever you have time, write blog posts and articles in advance and schedule your post. Some other ways are to open up your blog to guest posting or hire someone to do it for you. Whichever method you choose, bear in mind that quality must always come before quantity!

Update consistency

Consistency in updating is also very important. If you are serious about blogging, one quality post per day should be good enough. Many of us are attached to other commitments such as work and family, therefore publishing new entries three or four times a week should be good also. However, make sure your frequency is consistent. If you update once a week, it is best to update on the same day each week too. Just don’t go missing the following week and come back again after a month.

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