You Blog. Should You Guest Blog?

Guest BloggingGuest blogging is cool.You write your article and someone publishes it. You already have a stage with nice and loyal audience to perform. If you are having your own blog, then it is conventional to translate “guest blogging” as ” increased traffic” or “free advertising”. Increased exposure, RSS subscribers, backlinks, Twitter followers, profits and so on. The blog where you guest post gets one article, most probably a killer article, or at least a high quality article without the owner of that blog spending much time and effort.

Guest blogging is difficult. Not everyone can write guest articles. It is not just you who reads the article and decides to publish it, because every article of yours can seem to be a killer article to you. You have a big blogger (not by physique, or may be too!) reading, reviewing and short listing your article, which is one among probably hundreds of submissions. You will be turned down initially when your guest articles bounce back, but then slowly you will get used to it. It is really hard to keep up with the motivation to continue writing guest articles this way. For the blog owner it takes quite some time to review the guest submissions, make sure the article is unique and does not violate copyright and so on.

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