Use Pinterest To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog

pinterest trafficOver the recent couple of years, Pinterest has received much attention over the exponential growth of visits it has received. Recently, it was reported that Pinterest has generated more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

If you ever had any doubt over just how useful or popular Pinterest is, hop over to Pinterest’s Popular page and judge for yourself. Feel free to let me know what you think of them, when (and if) you could pull yourself away from the hundreds of beautiful pictures.

What Is Pinterest Really?

Launched as a beta-version in 2010, Pinterest is based on a very simple concept. Remember how you or your mother used to cut those lovely recipes or the inspiring home decoration ideas or the beautiful vacation destinations and pinned them on the pinboard? Well, Pinterest is the virtual version of this.

And because of the modern-day technology it is built on, Pinterest doubles up as a Social Media photo sharing website. Its users can create, manage and share theme-based images from recipes to crafts to home décor. So you can imagine the viral effect of this. Recent studies had shown that Pinterest attracts more female users and that more than half of its users are between 25 to 44 years of age.

Many websites had recorded an increased in traffic from just a few hours of pinning and re-pinning images in Pinterest. If you wish to learn how to drive massive traffic to your blog, check out the following tips.

Tip # 1: Quality Images

Just like how quality posts builds blog’s SEO, quality images attracts attention and re-pins among Pinterest users. So create beautiful images and photos and add them to your blog and Pinterest account. If possible, use your own pictures and make it look as amazing and inspiring as you can. There are loads of photo enhancing tools that are easily available these days.

Tip # 2: Add Pinterest Sharing Plugin

There are lots of plugins that you can put onto your WordPress blog eg Pinterest “Pin It” Button. This simple to install plugin adds a button on your posts that allows your visitors to easily pin your contents to their Pinterest account. It’s customizable giving you flexibility to pre-determine the image to pin or to allow your visitors to select the images themselves. You can also choose the pages to add the button to as well as the location eg above/below content or on post excerpts.

Tip #3: Run Contests

Ah, contests and giveaways. Everyone loves them. Run one every now and then to create buzz. You don’t have to get really expensive prizes. Perhaps some blog badges or DIY crafts (especially if yours is a crafts blog) or vouchers will do. In return, ask them to re-pin your pins or become followers.

Tip #4: Analyzing and Monitoring

It’s not enough to just link the images between your blog and Pinterest, you would need to monitor the traffic that’s being generated. There’s Google Analytics and PinReach that can do the job. You want to analyze your stats and see which pins are your most popular. What kind of images drive traffic and you may want to post more of these kind of images e.g. between wide-angle and macro shots.

Tip #5: Share Pins On Facebook and Twitter

You probably are aware that Pinterest allows its users to share their pins on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Make full use of this as it allows your pins to be viewed and subsequently shared by a larger community. Note: free advertisement here!

At the same time, you can also “remind” your Facebook friends and Twitter followers that you are on Pinterest. Get them to check out your pins and more often than not, they will end up at your blog.

Pinterest is a simple yet powerful tool in generating traffic to your blog. It does not require rocket science to figure out how to do that. But it does need some good strategies. I do hope that the above tips would help in promoting your blog through Pinterest!