Add Pinterest Tab To Your Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Pages are one stop for all your fans to show you their gratitude by liking your page. But, what will be fun if your Facebook Fan Page isn’t interesting? Pinterest is the latest trend on the net. With lots of photos pinned and repinned to online pin boards everyday. Its important that you also promote your blog and yourselves on it. That is why we suggest you to use the Pinterest Tab on Facebook fan pages.

When it comes to Facebook Pages, its always personal and have to be something new. The Facebook pages you create always have direct effect on your audience and blog popularity. Customizing it with different new options may be the only option left for you. So, here we will discuss (which means I will tell you that) how you can add a personalized Pinterest tab to your Facebook page.

The option to add pinterest tab to your Facebook page is available because of WooBox. They have created this beatiful Facebook app that lets you do so. The Pinterest Tab once enabled on your page allows you to show your Pins to your Facebook fans and to more audience. But, what i like more than that is it will make your page look better!

First of all, you are required to be having these:

  1. A Facebook Page of your own (you should be the Admin).
  2. A Pinterest Pinboard Page for the same.

The simplest trick to add Pinterest Pinboard Tabs to your Facebook Fan Page:

  1. Go to Log into your account.
  2. Now, go to this official Pinterest Pinboard tab app.
  3. You will see a screen like this :

Pinterest Tab on Facebook Fan Page

Note: The above provided link will only work if you are logged in and are on your Facebook page.
4. The next step is really simple. Choose the page that you want to add your tab on! And click the Add Page Tab button that you see in the image.

5. You will receive a page from facebook like this :

Add Pinterest Tab to Facebook Fan page.

6. In this page, you have to select different options according to your choice. The first fill up that you see needs your Pinterest tab URL (the second part). Also, you can choose to show only some Pin Boards or some of them by typing their URL respectively.

7. There is also an interesting option to add Like and Send button on top of pins. This enables you to have more likes from your boards(when published on your pages).

8. And the feature that I like the most! You can enable Fangate. This option will let you show your Pin  Boards to only those users who have Liked your page. You can get more like just by their curiosity.  There are options to add HTML, Text, or a picture to show in the Fangate. This might make your page more interesting.

9. Finally, after choosing the options, click on “Save Settings” button. And now you can View the tab by clicking view tab.

How to Show Pinterest Tab on Facebook Fan Page

You have added the tab, but you will now have to make it visible directly on the page. This is really easy. It will appear on your page if you  have less than  four pages. But, if you have more. Click on the  dropdown button. You will see all the 8 tabs. Drag the Pinterest Tab to your front four. Your page will now look something like this:

Doesn’t it look nice in the top four tabs. Actually tweaking Facebook pages isn’t that hard. The problem is, many people don’t want to make things look different. If you want so, your page will look nice, if don’t what’s the problem in being an average Joe? By the way, you can add Google Plus Tab to your page by the similar method.