How To Stand Out In A Crowded Niche

At some point, that article about the best ways to stay fit or best ways to get blogging traffic will all sound the same to you.

You’ve read articles like it no fewer than a hundred times. And of course, that means your readers are going to feel the same way about your over-talked-about blog post.

At some point, even if you add new insights and new angles and new perspectives, the overall content is still the same, boring thing. Your niche is just too crowded with writers, and the interesting material’s all taken up, right?

Quite the contrary, in fact. Crowded niches stand out to people in some form or another. The topic interests a wide range of readers. Audience members flock to this niche for whatever reason. Just because it’s crowded doesn’t mean it has no more room for brilliant minds such as yourselves.

You just need to be a step above the game, do a little more research and work into your content, and you’ll have a good following anyway.

Niche Websites

Here’s how to get started:

Finding the deeper reason…

Let’s do this Inception style. Go deeper into the layers of reasons or motivations of your readers. Why, truly why, are interested in this niche? Keep going until you reach the “bingo.” When you get there, you will find exactly what it is you need to do to make your articles much more appealing.

At first glance, we all know why your audience is reading your stuff: it pertains to their interests, it pertains to their lifestyle, it relates to their desires, it provides them ideas for their own work, etc. etc. etc.

This is all rather obvious. Finding the deepest, maybe even subconscious reason, takes work and probing. Reading through your comments, attending conferences, emailing users will provide you valuable insight to what your readers are truly thinking.

In the process of your work, you may just discover some surprising things:

  • That your readers want to connect to the younger generation
  • That your readers want advice on book deals for their blogs
  • That your readers want jobs
  • That your readers want to make global impact

When you find out about these surprising motivations, you can cater your blog to their goals. Make headlines and posts based on what they truly want to see from your work.

Your readers want to change the world? Write a blog post about how so-and-so blogger made an impact. Your readers want to be published authors? Headline a post about how the best bloggers got a book deal. This is how you can stand out in such a crowded niche of bloggers.

Facing the threat of crowds…

You wouldn’t advise a home-buyer to avoid the big cities just because there are a lot of people there. In fact, it’s the big cities that have the most opportunities. In the same way, you beginner bloggers shouldn’t shudder away from the crowded niches just because they’re crowded. Like the cities, they got big for a reasons. There’s something there that’s valuable to both you and the reader.

Of course, just being a copycat blogger won’t help you either. Remember your readers’ motivations. Remember that you have your own distinct style and voice. You want to be personable, identifiable, trustworthy on the screen. And doing that requires some face time with your readers and with a mirror. Know your audience. Know yourself.

Don’t be afraid to write about the very topics that everyone else in your niche already did. The opportunities for creativity and insight are still out there, waiting to be used. Someone as savvy and hardworking as you can probably find it all.

Easy Way To Choose A Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Niche BloggingBefore you start blogging, you must make it clear to yourself what you are going to blog about or very simply the main topic of your blog. You can not go and just blog about anything you want, like you start blogging about technology, then someday move to entertainment and later end with video games. This will kill your blog from the SEO point of view. If you are not serious about blogging, and consider this just as your past time, then you may not put importance in this. But if you consider this seriously and want to continue blogging for a long-term, then you must find a niche for your blog. Before even buying a domain name, you must decide what niche you are going to run your blog on. Without a niche you are just wasting your time unnecessarily and should never expect traffic from the search engine’s at least.

But if you have already started a blog, and have spent quite a long time without selecting a niche, then you must stop now and select a niche for your site immediately. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the most important things I used while selecting the most appropriate niche for my own blog.

Find a topic you are passionate about writing

It is very important to understand what you are passionate about. You must also understand the work or job you love the most to do. Suppose you are interested in writing about blogging, SEO, Social Media, etc (like I do), but you are are starting a blog which is in the entertainment niche. Will it match? You will just be wasting you energy and time. If you want to survive in the long run, then you will surely run out of topic. Decide very wisely before selecting a niche for your blog. Only choose such a topic that you are really interested in writing about.

I myself faced a big problem with my previous blog, which was on a mixed niche. I tried a lot to build links and rank high in the SERPs, but nothing worked for me, because I had committed the biggest crime in blogging by making niche very wide. I wrote article’s from various genre’s and expected to rank my page’s in the search engine’s. I was pretty good in SEO an year ago, and did quite a good on-page and off-page optimization with it, but the only reason I suffered is the niche factor. If you are seriously doing SEO, then niche should be the first item on your first SEO checklist.

Find a High Search and Less Competitive Niche

You might be thinking this to be something extremely difficult, but hopefully it is not. If you know how to find the most highly searched and the least competitive keywords about a certain topic, then it should not at all be a problem for you to accomplish this not-so difficult but yet a very important blog activity. Suppose you are going to manufacture a product, but to make it more commercially viable and profitable, you must choose to manufacture such a product which has the maximum number of customer’s and minimum number of competitor’s. Just like this, in blogging, you must select such a niche that has huge monthly search volume but still is very less competitive.

You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for this purpose. There are many other paid tools like WordTracker which work like magic in this context. But personally I would recommend you to use the simple yet the most powerful tool made by Google. There is not need to spend money on this, you just need to understand this clearly and implement it efficiently.

All Niche are Profitable Niche

This is a complete myth, that there are some niche that are profitable and some that are not. This is just a wrong statement, but can be re-framed a bit. There are some niche that are more profitable than others. This would be the most correct statement.

If you are the best in you niche, then you certainly will be profitable. At least being good and dominant in you niche is very important. If you can achieve that, then earning revenue from your blog will not be a matter of much concern. So concentrate on how to become the most dominant blog in your niche rather than wasting time on finding a niche that is the most profitable one. Remember one thing, the niche that is the most profitable, will certainly be the most competitive one, as it attracts the eyes of most bloggers. But a bit less profitable niche can be easier for you to dominate as it will be having much less competition.
So, I think in this article, I have made some of the most basic things about blogging clear to my readers. As blogger’s and SEO aspirants you must understand the value of selecting a perfect niche for your blog. If you still have any problem’s and doubts you can refer to me anytime. I will try my best to enlighten you with more valuable knowledge.

This article has been written by Aritra Roy. He is the co-founder of who writes excellent articles on Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Technology, Tutorials, Make Money Blogging and many more.