Great Networking Strategies For Bloggers

Networking StrategiesWhen it comes to blogging, networking with other bloggers is a very crucial. It is important for several reasons.

  • Building your reader base – When you have a relationship with other bloggers, they are likely to recommend your posts or blog to other people out there. As a result, this will increase your readership.
  • Sharpening your skills – There is no blogger who knows everything about blogging. Networking with other bloggers will enable you to complement your skills and knowledge.
  • Accountability and friendship – Quite often, bloggers find themselves isolated and thus vulnerable to becoming disoriented and losing focus. It is therefore important to have other bloggers around you who understand the highs and lows of the business. They can encourage you when you are down and help you stay grounded.

The following are some of the strategies that can be useful when it come to networking with other bloggers.

1. Sending emails

This is a basic, but very effective way of building relationships with other bloggers. However, you need to make sure your email adds value to the recipient. Instead go just saying hi, offer some advice or make a contribution.

2. Writing guest posts

Offering to write posts for another blogger can have a significant impact, especially when they really need content for their blogs. Therefore, never miss an opportunity to contribute guest posts, as well as comments, to other people’s blogs.

3. Linking to other blogs

One of the best ways of getting the attention of other bloggers is linking to their blogs. When they see that you want to connect with them, they are likely to reciprocate.

4. Social networking

Social networks can be very effective in connecting with other bloggers. However, you need to focus on social networks which are appropriate for your specific niche. For instance, if most of the bloggers in your niche are connecting on Facebook, open an account there. If the action is in Twitter or LinkedIn, connect with people there.

5. Social bookmarking

Bookmarking other people’s blogs is likely to get their attention. You should therefore take the time to submit other blogs to social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg.

6. Discussion groups and forums

Many niche bloggers can be found hanging around such places. Find forums and discussion groups which are relevant to your niche and take time regularly to connect.

7. Interviews

Besides being good content for your blog, interviews give you the opportunity to develop a relationship with other people. Most bloggers will get flattered when you request to interview them, and eventually feature them on your blog.

8. Phone calls

Whereas you can have conversation with others via IM, voice to voice communication is more personal. However, before making that call, make sure you build a relationship first through emails or social media.

9. Real life networking events

Though great relationships can be built without actually meeting physically, meeting face to face can be very effective in reinforcing relationships with other bloggers. Learn why you should attend Blogger Meetups.