Top Commentators Award For March 2010

Last month, HBB crossed 5000 comments milestone and now the total comments are around 5600.

Top Commentators - Mar 10
Top Commentators - Mar 10

The Top Commentator of March 2010 is Sudharsan from TechnoSkillOnline.

The second Top Commentator is Sandeep Singh from Sniperz. My best wishes and congratulations to both the winners of this month and for all the commentators who participated eagerly last month.

Kudos to all the lovely commentators of HBB.


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Sudharsan was also one among the Top Commentators of January and February 2010.

Since both of them are very active in this community, they will be easily notified regarding this Top TC Ad Slots awards. I request Sandeep Singh to send his banenr asap! 😀

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Why don’t you participate right now by commenting here? 😉