10+ Interesting Ways How Porn Websites Make Money

I never thought of writing this post, but I don’t want to waste the content I had in my mind. So here it is. Before that, I would like to stress that free porn is something more popular than Facebook or Google. The more you see, the more you get addict. Porn Internet Marketers use this simple logic to attract millions of visitors and earn billions (and even more) through that. You can check the Internet Pornography stats for that.

This post is purely for “learning” purposes to understand how people start a porn website, like how porn (adult) websites make money as a business. You can learn a lot from this if you are a blogger or if you are a webmaster. Let’s find out how adult websites make money now.

How Porn Websites Make Money?

1. Premium Content

Who hates “free porn”? The fact is that they don’t provide all for free, they also have a premium section that provides HD quality content and unlimited access to the videos available.

Premium Ads

Normally below every streaming video (on tube sites) you can check banners like these tempting users to register and purchase a premium membership from them.

Premium Ads

They also show distracting advertisements and offering them a way to remove them, i.e., buy a premium account. These streaming sites use something called Adult Video Script (AVS) for making a clone like YouTube. This is a common way how porn websites make money; you can easily identify that.

A Sample Premium Membership Facilities

  • Download all available videos
  • 21,360 full DVDs
  • 134,710 HQ scenes
  • No Ads and Pop-Unders
  • Profile promotion – be popular!

2. Video Ads – Tube Sites

Streaming sites are quite popular for porn, thanks to YouTube, the concept of streaming applied widely. Like YouTube, they also show advertisements on the videos. Sometimes they display ads during the play, but the users will have the option to close it. They also show ads when a user pauses the video.

Video Ads

Typically the users will get confused like they’ll think that the advertisement is the real video and click it. Big bucks for the site.

Ad networks like JuicyAds act as a marketplace for both publishers and advertisers. You can sell your ad space as well buy some ad space.

3. Affiliate Ads

Yes, Affiliate Marketing is also popular here, why? Because porn sites have targeted users. They have good demographics base; they know what kind of visitors they will get. So by placing such affiliate advertisements near a video can easily tempt the viewers to click on it, rest is history.

affiliate ads

They request you to join their services for free and afterward, hidden charges. Normally there are three types in Affiliate Program.

1. Per-Click Program: They give you up to $1.00 per each unique visitor per day.

2. Percentage Program: The more traffic you send, the more you earn with their percentage program.

3. Per Order Payout: Some sites pay you up to 70$ for any order placed on their site.

Portals like AWEmpire are ruling the affiliate market in this industry with various content promoting materials.


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4. PPS Program

PPS programs are nothing but, Pay Per Sale Programs. For every sale referred by you, they’ll give the commission, sometimes like 70-75% of the price.

Health Product Ads

If you can see the advertisements above you won’t be surprised why they are popular. Porn sites sell drugs and other kinds of toys that are widely prevalent among sex addicts. They won’t mind spending few bucks to increase their lust.

5. Live Webcams

Live Webcams are very popular in this industry. It’s like you are having a Skype conversation with an artist who performs adult-related things. I saw how popular live webcam sites like LiveJasmin works and they have a dedicated hub for all the performers.

fake chat

But there are plenty of fake advertisements that fool you with scripted windows and stuff, don’t fall for them. For some agencies, this could be the rise of Internet Porn.


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6. Online Dating

If you are a “Forever Alone” guy, then chances are you end up in a porn site one day or another. So big brands out there targeted this particular audience and introduced the concept “Adult Online Dating” or “Adult Dating”. Popular dating program Adult Friend Finder is a successful business through this.

So if you see any advertisements popping up and asking whether you are free tonight, make sure you think thrice before clicking that ad, it is entirely up to you.

7. Online Porn Games

This is also quite popular nowadays. Online porn/sex games are both available in free and premium version. Just like the #1 point, they’ll provide you the trial version for free and will prompt you to pay for getting the full version. Hidden charges in short.

Online Porn Games

These games are also very popular on mobile phones and iPad.

8. Through Fusion Marketing

I’ll start with an example for this one, you are downloading your favorite song from Rapidshare, and unfortunately, the downloaded file is a small porn clip with an URL to visit the main site. It is just a matter of preference, whether people will see it or not. I recommend not to try this one with ‘dark’ intention.

I’ll tell you how to adapt and adjust. They use a particular type of Marketing called Fusion Marketing. Here you still give people what they are asking for; that’s the highlight. We are talking about legitimate Fusion Marketing, not porn oriented. A Fusion Marketer will give you what you want and also at the same time ride along with his marketing message, i.e., the advertisement.

Example (Real World) : Seeing movies advertised on the cups of soft drinks served at KFC. Yep, we call that as Fusion Marketing. Porn Marketers use Fusion Marketing in a wrong way, in other words, they use ‘Bait-and-switch’ method. This irritates the customers a lot. Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud, most commonly used in retail sales but also applicable to other contexts. First, customers are “baited” by advertising for a product or service at a low price; second, the customers discover that the advertised good is not available and are “switched” to a costlier product.

9. Credit Card Tactics

Internet Marketers and Bloggers still use this trick to grab customers’ attention. Moreover, it also makes easier for consumers to make a buying decision. Consider this incident for example (of course, for example only), you are visiting a porn website, and you are attracted towards a short (& sexy) clip of your favorite porn actress (hmm, why not Brianna Banks?).

Now obviously you are interested in seeing the full clip, but before you can view the entire clip, you need to cross one quick step. Now you are asked for your credit card details (and you gave it, damn) since there are several reasons for asking them. Maybe they wanted to verify that you are above 18 years old, or they are giving $1 trial offer for the first few days of access. Now you are viewing the full-length video. Bingo! But the fact is, after one month you will get your credit card bill, and your soul won’t know the charges (yet). Now that will be great for the porn sites and dangerous for unsuspecting consumers.

10. Embed Videos on sites

Larger sites pay smaller tube sites to embed their videos, and they both earn from ads within the video player. Some sites even pay to provide short clips of the beginnings of a video for tube sites to upload. Sometimes they earn a cut from each sign-up.

Sharing Traffic and Money

If you are watching a porn video on a random website, you could have seen example.com’s logo or some branding, this is the real reason for that.

Such porn companies pay the tubes to feature their content, so it can direct some traffic to their pay sites. Though most of the famous tube sites and porn sites are all owned by the same company.

11. PPC & CPM

Like regular websites, adult websites also use such Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM) programs. Of course, they earn 100x than natural sites. But they can’t use Adsense and those normal ad networks because they won’t accept adult/porn content usually. But there are some special PPC and CPM programs exclusively made for such sites.

They also earn money through direct advertisements, like selling ad spaces directly to the advertisers. Porn websites easily attract advertisers. There are many such ad networks exclusively for this. A good advantage for them is, if there is no advertiser available to buy your ad space, then their network ads will display on your site so you can earn money through their CPC program.

12. Donations

They set up a donation system to allow visitors to give money of their choice. The most common and easiest way, as you know, is PayPal. They set up a simple PayPal donation so that their readers and visitors can easily make the payment.

It works if they have a good number of regular visitors, and they have a blog attached to their site where they can discuss with their readers/viewers.

13. File hosting and Image hosting

File hosting and image hosting are some of the good ways to earn from a porn/adult website. How? They host the adult content on their sites, and they make big money when someone downloads your files from those hosting sites.

By this, porn site webmasters and internet marketers are indirectly promoting the file and image hosting sites. They also get traffic by making their download link URL viral.

14. Content Locker or Content Gateway

Some sites have Content Lockers or Gateways like the visitors should complete some surveys before they can view the main targeted content. By this site webmasters have been earning thousands of dollars each month.

Content Locker

They prevent you from accessing the main content and ask you to pay them before proceeding. You would have eagerly visited the URL from another link or another part, but they’ll prompt you to pay them for viewing the content.

15. Short URLs

Another interesting way is using short URLs/links while sharing images, videos, or any online link. There are several URL shorteners like Shorte.st who monetizes and generates a short URL for you. You can virally spread it in all the available networks and generate decent revenue from this.

If you are running a popular adult/porn website, then you can check out AWEmpire’s Affiliate Income Calculator to know how much your website is capable of generating revenue in this business.

Though some of these tactics are also applied on normal sites, why, even your own blogs but porn sites make them, even more, appropriate because the kind of visitors they have. That’s what we call “Sexy.”

Earlier I wrote a post – 15+ Blogging Tactics I Learned From ‘Porn’ and you can compare both, the tactics are quite explained there.

These are in fact some of the known ways how porn websites make money; they have some hidden tactics as well.