10+ Simple Tips To Increase Your Digg Followers

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog.

The new Digg (Version 4) introduced the follower and follow feature like Twitter. For increasing Twitter followers, check these simple tips. Increasing your Digg Followers may help you get more diggs for your articles/blog post which in turn gives tonnes of visitors.

#1 – Complete Your Profile : Some people avoid this thinking it is not necessary, but if you want someone to follow you, you should have a profile which provides them some info. So, go ahead and complete your profile.

#2 – Connections : Let people know you are on Digg via Twitter and Facebook. You can grow your following using this.

Digg Connections

#3 – Be Active : Digg some stories. If you own a blog or website, digg your articles so that your profile looks active enough. If you like to auto-submit your content, check “Import Feeds” option.

#4 – Follow Others : This logic works most of the time. If you follow others, they might follow you back. Mutual understanding!

Use Digg Buttons : Develop your following on Digg by promoting your Digg profile and content.

#5 – Follow Me On Digg : You can add “Follow Me On Digg” buttons on your website or blog to promote your Digg presence.

#6 – Post Digg Buttons : Post Digg buttons on story level pages to allow your site visitors to Digg content directly from your site.

#7 – Digg Widgets : Utilize Digg Widgets to encourage visitors to spend more time on your site while making it easy to Digg more of your content.

#8 – Digg Profile Link : Digg gives you an unique profile link like Twitter. Share this on various social network profiles so that it can also get some exposure.

#9 – Conversation : Have conversations with other Digg members, if it strikes then they might follow you back. Thus you will also have the opportunity to get more followers from their list too.

#10 – Leave Comments : Comment on other people submissions frequently. Comments and ratings may help you. Comment on stories on Digg that are Top news.

#11 – Mention on Blogs : If you own a blog or website, write about ‘Digg’ related posts and ask your readers to become followers on Digg.

So how many of you using the New Digg? Is it one of your traffic sources? Share your view as comments below.