Create Safe And Short URLs Using [BETA]

Everyone knows about McAfee, leading antivirus and security software company. McAfee apparently launched its own URL Shortener

Through TechCrunch, I came to know is using, and promotes, McAfee Labs’ real-time Global Threat Intelligence solution, which aims to protect users from new threats before they strike by using millions of sensors to gather real-time intelligence from host IP addresses, Internet domains, specific URLs, files, images, and email messages.

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HOW TO: Check Your Internet Connection Speed

It is now easy to find your Internet Connection Speed by this cool tool from McAfee. Using Internet Connection Speedometer we can easily find the whether your connection speed is fast or slow. Let the user be in his office or home, let that person be using Dial-up modem, ISDN connection, a Cable modem, or a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and whatever the device or the techonology he/she uses to browse the Internet, McAfee’s Internet Connection Speedometer easily finds the speed of the Internet Connection.

Checking My Internet Connection Speed !
Checking My Internet Connection Speed !

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