5 Tips for Posting Videos and Images Online

images and videos onlineDo it already! If you’re not posting online images and videos for your local business, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to capture the attention of your target market. Studies and statistics continue to prove that images capture the attention of online users significantly more than text, especially when they show up in search results. And more and more people are watching online videos for both personal and business use; don’t you want them to be viewing yours? Webmasters and Bloggers even use viral videos to drive traffic to their blogs.

To make images and videos work for your local business, I’ve provided five tips below.

1. Have a plan

What types of images and videos will you capture? Where will you place them? What’s the goal of your images and videos? Do your homework and create a marketing game plan to get the most out of your images and videos. You can use before and after pics, graphs, professional images, and more in regards to images, and you can capture all sorts of videos, including how-to, interviews, testimonials, employees on-the-job, and more.

2. Post them everywhere appropriate

Once you have images and videos, post them on your webpage and social media networks as a start. Facebook gets a lot of hits for images and videos. YouTube is also significant for video posting given that it’s the number one used video streaming site online.

3. Use GEO-modifiers

Local search is huge, so be sure to include your contact address (zip, city, etc.) when you post images and videos, and if you can, include such information in the URLs for each image or video.

4. Don’t forget about Pinterest

We could have included this in #2 above, but I felt it was worth it to mention it in its own section.  After only a few months, Pinterest has quickly climbed to the number 3 slot as one of the most popular social media networking sites. Pinterest allows you to ‘Pin’ images throughout the web and is a great way to create back links to your local business website. Do your homework to see if it could work to help indirectly (you’re not supposed to directly promote businesses on Pinterest) promote your local business to gain leads and traffic.

5. Spread the word

Once you’ve loaded images and videos, be sure to post the links throughout all of your online pages and networks, including email campaigns.  Post the links on your Facebook page for business, Tweet about it on Twitter, post them on your local business blog, etc.

To keep up with and stay ahead of your competition online, use these tips to incorporate a variety of videos and images into your local business’ online marketing strategy with ease. You’ll be sure to generate more leads, traffic and repeat visitors if you do (which equates to increased conversions and profits for your local business!).

Do you use images and videos for your local business? Do you have any recommendations and suggestions for posting images and videos for optimal results? We’d love to hear about it below.