6 Ways To Get More From Your Twitter Account

Make Use of TwitterAre you on Twitter from a long time and still not getting outcomes as per your expectations? You could be tweeting wrong! Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks and transforming the ‘wrong’ into ‘right’ is challenging here. Learning how to use Twitter can be one of the best decisions to be taken by an online business person. So, why not take the challenge and find out the six better ways that can help you get more from your Twitter account. Revamp your approach but first – let’s find out how!

1. Do You have something to Offer?

No matter how much you deny, your followers always love the words such as ‘offer’, ‘deliver’ and ‘provide’. Make sure your twitter account is always into offering some information, discount, sample, advice, promotion or just anything that claims ‘value’ – all these come back to you in form of returns. If what you have to offer is worthwhile, making sense and sufficing their motive of following you, they will spread your words. Analyzing customer interests and market research will make a difference to what you have been seeking out of your Twitter account so far. By this you can also increase your Twitter followers.

2. Do you have SEO friendly Twitter Account?

Your Twitter handle needs optimization – treat it as if it was a domain and apply the same rules for optimizing your Twitter account. Choose something memorable or something that relates to your brand by tweeting with optimized keywords; avoid using underscores between words. Your username character limit is best when kept around 10 or less. Use abbreviations and acronyms in case you are facing difficulties in finding a suitable username.

3. Are you a Writer Or a Computer?

Your Twitter account also gives you the opportunity to come up as a writer. Putting your idea forward or offering information in the most innovative way within strict deadlines of 140 characters is not easy. Simply updating the URLs or quoting information will make you look like a computer so ensure that you wrap the information with your creative writing skills and here 140 characters should not haunt you! Be responsive and keep communicating.

4. Are you ‘Quick’ or ‘Boring’?

And this completely depends on you! Comment on breaking news or on your niche – your tweets are a reflection of your flavor and news diet since time relevance generates interest. If you can’t be quick then let it go but you can’t afford to spare yourself next time on this! Encourage re-tweets.

5. Are you a Blogger?

Google simply loves Twitter and other microblogging sites – search engine indexes Twitter streams in real-time. Your followers are seeing just a bit of your writing skills limited in 140 characters. But if you can write well, a blog will extend your wings as a writer and in the process of touching new heights you will also promote your blogs and increase traffic.

6. Twitter as a Motivator and Teacher?

Lastly, when you have decided to seek the best out of your Twitter account, you have almost chosen to make it an important part of your virtual life. Use Twitter for learning and motivating yourself to do better and learn about new trends in the cyberspace. Remember, if you are not learning and updating then you are not gaining!

If you want your updates to break through the clutter, make more followers and create a Twitter account that you can make more out of. Following these steps will cultivate more followers that will encourage you to get more out of your Twitter account. Twitter makes you feel among a community of writers to help you gain attention and also earn money. Potential connection comes second, value comes first!

This article is written by Shannen Doherty. She is a technical content writer.She is  associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser.