HOW TO: Use Your Facebook Like Captain Jack Sparrow

Love pirates? Then you might be eagerly waiting to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. So why don’t you make your Facebook profile to suit the buzz. Now it is time to apply an old setting.

Just change this simple setting to experience the awesome wordings of pirates (preferably our favorite Jack Sparrow).

Go to Account Settings | Languages

Now change your primary language to “English (Pirate)“.

English (Pirate)

Your complete Facebook profile will be transformed to pirate environment. Followed by Facebook, Google and Friendfeed also turned pirate (long back).

My favorite ones,

  • Posting photos – hoisting portraits
  • Being poked – Arrr! Ye have been skewered by
  • 5 friend requests – 5 sorry louts think they’re yer mates

Profile Facebook Pirate

Now who is ready to speak with me? Aye aye!