All That Matters Is You Wrote Something

I get up early in morning, make my slow march towards the bathroom, start brushing my teeth, take a shower, and have delicious breakfast. Then my door bell rings and I found a glass of milk with paper, I pick both of them and shut the door up. Then I make my move towards the kitchen to make my lovely coffee, so that I can enjoy the paper.


Now my coffee got all cooked up and my chair is waiting for me to sit and flip the pages of newspaper. Then my eyes suddenly caught by the wall clock tickles and I see that I’ve only few remaining minutes to go to my office.

So I put my lucky shoes on and tie those lucky laces together. I put my lucky jackets on that my mom gifted me on my 19th birthday. Now I head back to my office. I turn my computers on and put my lucky jacket on my chair. Then I pick my lucky pen from my drawer which my dad gifted me by saying that,

“Write something that is worth reading, write something that makes people think. I know you’ve spark in you, talent in you but you are not aware of that now, soon you will. This pen will help you.”

And then I put it on my table in front of my eyes so that it able to fire inspirations on me.

I light the candles up and say my prayer which my mom and dad taught me when I was 5 years old and thank God for giving me what I need and what I desire. And from here my fingers start itching to type something, to fill that blank screen of computer. So my work starts now.

I start writing whatever comes into my mind, I make many typos in it but I keep writing until I feel like I’m getting tired. That’s five hours or so. I know that I reached to my limit so I rest for a while and invest some time to correct my typos and then I realize that it’s time to hit “Save”. I save whatever I wrote in a file and keep it into a new folder, then I turn off my computers and it’s 4.30 my office will be closed. Today’s work is finished its time to go home.

But before that how many words, lines, and pages I wrote? I don’t care about that; I’m not even slightly concerned about that. Are they good enough to get sold in good price? I don’t even think about it. All I know that I gave my best to write something without thinking about money, what I’m writing, how people are going to respond, nothing. At that time the only thing running into my mind is I’ve to write something with all I’ve got and I done that, I’m happy for that.

All that matters is for whole day you sat in front of your computer and wrote something. Because many writers not able to sit and write something, they are afraid to do that, they afraid that they will write something waste and blah blah. But here’s the secret which most writers don’t know and writers who knows about it are not concerned about sharing it with other writers. But I’m going to share that secret with you, because I know how hard is to sit and writing something.

The secret that professional writers know and new writer search for is, “Writing is not hard and it never been. What’s hard is sitting down to write.” Most of writers thinks that writing is very hard art, but I think its not. If you sit daily to write something, you practice daily then writing is the easiest art to master. The more you sit to write the better write you will become. So all that matters is you sit to write something and you wrote that.

My Final Words

When I was a newbie writer, I used to think that writing is a very hard art to master, and it’s not for me. But soon I realize that secret and then writing becomes quite easy for me. Till now I’ve wrote around thousands of copy for my clients some were awesome or some were just good.

But what I really count is not how many copies I wrote; how many times I sit down to write something.

So share your counts, your stories, and how many copies you wrote.