8 Ways To Improve Security On Your Android Device

Android SecurityIt’s been several months since the discovery of DroidDream, the first large-scale virus Android. Since then, security in the mobile operating system Google has become a hot topic, especially for those reliant on phones that store lots of information both personal and professional. DroidDream buzzed up expectations users and pressed Google to put more attention to what was going on inside Market applications.

However we can not deny that the security of our phone should be a priority when it is not. Sometimes we forget that smartphones have constant access to the Internet and download anything that seems useful or fun from unidentified or authorized developers. Not only are we at risk of downloading malware, but also of losing information to outside parties. A few days ago we told about applications that may hijack your information and return payment.

So we put together this list with some tips that certainly the new Android users will find very useful. I know I have come to wonder when I bought my Android, because if there is something I do not think anyone is remotely accessible to our phone where, believe it or not, store important information that we have stored in any else.

  • 1. Set a password : As always, the most effective way to protect a device with a password. Depending on the Android model we are using, change the options for creating a password, but all these options are available through the Settings menu on the phone.There are several ways in addition to setting a digital form in particular to unlock the phone, even very useful if they steal the equipment. Once we have security enabled on the screen, we can move forward with the other security features.

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  • 2. Encrypt passwords : Although it is best not to save passwords on phones, sometimes becomes inevitable. If we have a master password for all our services, do not save on the phone, it’s crazy. But if you do not have a choice, a good way to protect ourselves is through encrypted passwords. In addition, we also recommend that we delete the passwords entered in the browser in order to have more control over them. This can be done through the browser’s security settings Android.
  • 3. Read carefully the application order : Most likely is that we have installed many applications on your phone. The vast majority of people, trust, do not read the list of information you can access the application at the time of discharge. This is critical because while we may be downloading a legitimate application at any time can be compromised and any outsider can access our mobile data. It’s like reading the manual before using an electronic product: it can be boring, but it will save many problems in the future.
  • 4. Review the feedback from the community : The Android Market has many security problems in applications, but also has a large community dedicated to test them and comment on the site about what are the best and which are not worth it. There are also comments on the safety nourished, and if before downloading an application does not want to read the list of permissions, then we can read the comments on the application which have been left by other users who do have tried. We can save the evil drink.
  • 5. Install a security application : In the Market there are some applications that serve to increase the security of the phone. There are several, but I highly recommend my favorite Droidhunter because it has a very similar dynamic to the desktop antivirus. What makes Droidhunter is functioning as a virus inside the phone, handle interruptions, alerting, detection, and online services assets. In addition, threats aimed exclusively for Android, making it ideal.
  • 6. Market only download applications : There are several sites where you can download applications for Android. But to ensure the safety of the team is better than ever unload the Market. The truth is that if something is proven, verified and is legitimate, there is no reason why you could not download from Market. To be available in other ways just raises suspicions.
  • 7. Watch your operations in WiFi : WiFi on Android works the same way the computer works, do not know who is accessing the data we are sharing with the network. It is therefore essential to have an antivirus installed, but it is also advisable not to access sites that require information such as passwords or personal data, such as home banking services.
  • 8. Make a backup of your data : Make a backup on Android is simple, and it never hurts to have the information stored in an alternative location. With this is done with a frequency of two weeks to a month is more than good, not having to worry about it daily. If we lose the phone, being victims of theft or find our personal information compromised, have a backup is the solution. It’s very simple to do thanks to the facilities of Android, so no excuses for not having a backup of your phone on your computer.
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