10 Simple & Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing

improve writingWe all are aware of the phrase “Practice makes a man perfect”. So it’s obvious from this phrase that your writing quality will increase with time and experience. Do you want to improve it at the earliest? In fact it is impossible to ameliorate your writing in a single day unless you work very hard under an expert but if you follow these points then I can assure you that it will help you a lot in the improvement of your writing at much faster pace.

1. Pre-process before actual start

This is the most crucial and essential step on which I always insist and one should have to keep this on mind everytime. Before starting whatever you intend to write, first concentrate and stress your mind on what all you have to mention in the article i.e., think before you start. You need to make an outline of the whole article by constant thinking and quick search and then on the basis of the outlines enhance your thoughts and start your writing composition.

2. Play with numbers

First let me ask you a question that which of the following headings are more appealing:

  • Amazing ways for how to write an article in few minutes.
  • 10 Amazing Ways for how to write an article in 30 minutes.
  • Ways for How to write an amazing article in very less time.

I am sure that many of you have got the point. Yes, of course, the second one attracts more than the rest two and in fact it’s the part of human tendency that numbers attract a lot. Among all the numbers, there are some which attracts much more than others like 3, 7, 10 etc. In fact 3 is the most appealing number, you can also think of it as a magic number. So, from now onwards try to use numbers as much as you can especially in the heading of the post or writing.

3. Be clear and concise

It must have gone through your ears many times that be clear and concise. Everyone just hate long and complex articles and those which are short and precise are always praised and are read by people more frequently as compared to the long and complex articles.

Even you must have done this many times, that you had ignored reading an article or notice or any piece of text whose size is huge and is not straight forward. So the main point to remember is that if you don’t want your articles to be read once in a blue moon then start following the concept of writing in clear and concise manner. You should follow using short words, bullet points, eliminate junk words and talk straight to the point.

4. Write first Edit later

Do you also face the problem of How to start? Do some of your thoughts slips out of your mind and do not have enough fate to get mentioned in your writing just because you forgot it as you were busy in improving the penning of the previous thought?

Many times we face such problems which acts a serious drawback for the content of our article or writing. So always keep in mind to pen down all your points and thoughts at fast pace without thinking much about vocabulary and grammar. After you have finished, just proofread your writing and improve it to the best of your capabilities.

5. Don’t waste the reader’s time

Benjamin Franklin said, “Lost time is never found again…”

We all know that time is the most significant thing in one’s life. Money, if wasted can return but time can’t.
So why to waste the reader’s time? Hence, do keep it in mind that always write an article which is straight forward so that reader will get the answer of his query as soon as possible. Try to solve the reader’s problem at the earliest.

6. Read it aloud

You need to proofread what you have written after finishing your composition. The best way is to read it aloud and your mistakes will automatically come into your observation. This is because when any mistake will come, you on your own will realize that something is awkward. It seems to be silly but believe me it is beneficial. So start trying out this activity from now onwards.

7. Don’t get away from the topic

Sometimes people write out of the topic, just to increase the size of their post or article. But is it beneficial for the readers? Instead of getting the problem solved and reading of their interest, the readers just roams around the world of words which is of no use.

So to write the content according to the topic is also one of the main requirements of good writing.
Here the outlines which you have written before is of great use too.

8. Double check your facts

Always take care of this thing i.e. to double check your fact because it’s obvious that anything wrong written will have a negative impact on the reader’s mind and it’s advisable to try every possible trick to impress the audience.

So always take care of writing correct facts and never provide them with anything which is wrong or for which you are not sure of.

9. Reader’s interest is most important

Everything should be in a flow and nicely written in order to attract more and more readers to visit your article. In order to write a good post or article, you need to take care of maintaining it to a great extent. You need to analyze the vocabulary level and the understanding level of the type of readers in such a way so that they will never lose interest from it.

So always take care in mind to respect the reader’s grasping, understanding power and most important is his interest and write according to it. Do take care of the fact that he will only read the next statement if the previous one is worth interesting or enjoying.

10. Take care of reader’s vocabulary

Lastly I would like to notify you that most of the audience don’t have a good vocabulary and good English communication skills. So, they will definitely feel the article reading hectic if typical and out of the common form words are used.

Hence, also take care in mind to use simple language and not to show off by using your proficient vocabulary and command on the language.

At last Why basically are we reading this? We need to know this because writing comes under one of the way to communicate. So if you increase your writing skills then Of course your communication skill will definitely increase.

This article is written by Ujjwal Prazapati. He is passionate about blogging. He blogs at BlogginGo. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.