7 Things That I Learned From Guy Kawasaki That You Can Implement In Blogging

Guy Kawasaki is a well known personality and the co-founder of Alltop.com and a partner in Garage Technology Ventures. He is a businessman, an online personality and pretty experienced person.

I generally watch his videos to get some inspirations and understand how the Business & online world works. A few days back I was watching a video in which Guy Kawasaki explained some myths that people have about running a business. I personally think that Blogging is not less than a business, so I tried to link the myths about the business to blogging. And guess what? I was able to do that.

So, today I will be sharing with you 7 things that I learned from Guy Kawasaki, that you can implement to become successful in the online world.


1. Hire People More Capable Than Yourself

People generally hire people that are less efficient than themselves as they don’t want anyone to show them down in any field. Come on guys, no one can be master in all fields. People are experts in particular things, so if you hire anyone expert in any field. It is a win-win situation for you.

You should proudly say that ‘Yes, he/she is even better than me in Social Media Marketing’ or in any field. It ultimately makes your team superior. Work on your team, not just on yourself. It will surely help in long term.

2. Blogging Experts Are Clueless

Yes, it’s right. No one can understand your brand or your blog/website as you can do. They can just share their experiences with you but it is not necessarily that you are on the same issue, and on the same road. Problems are different and in the same way solutions are different as well.

If anyone out there calls himself a guru or expert by himself, trust me, “STAY AWAY FROM THAT PERSON”. If a person is truly an expert in the field then silence & patience would be in them automatically. You can only take advice from the experts but you can’t get answers from them. Use their advice to create your answers and things would work out.

3. Readers Can’t Tell You What They Need

Yes, it’s right. Readers can’t explain what they are exactly looking for. The reason being the upcoming content is kind of an imaginary thing, and why people would imagine for your blog. You need to figure it out on your own. There are many ways to do so, search among comments, figure out what people are looking for in the Facebook groups etc.

But on the contrary people are looking for fresh content according to their needs. So you need to spice up your content by checking out their needs as well. If you are able to do it, then your blog will get an upper side for sure.

4. Design/Appearance Counts

Design matters. Trust me or not, I have personally seen in my two years of blogging, that most of the time a book is judged by its cover. So, if you are thinking that you have implemented a normal looking theme, and people would love that just because ‘Content is King’. Then I am sorry, you are not on the right path.

Try to work on the appearance on your website, get a custom logo, with content displayed with a nice typography. And see the magic. People would love to read your content as it will be delivered in a nice plate.

5. Value is Different from Price

Value and price are often taken as one. But they are a lot different. For e.g. you spend 30$ on a plugin that helps to save your content, comments and much more that must be of a lot more value. You can’t say that I will not spend 30$ to protect my blog content.

If you still are not concerned about your blog content then, it clearly means that the blog content is not even worth 30$. And I am sure it is more valuable?

So, always think about the value and not the price. If value is more than the price, the deal is always profitable. Do it without even thinking about the second thought.

6. Real CEO’s Take Responsibility

Real CEO‘s have to take responsibility. You can’t skip from your responsibility; you have to be there in every good or bad situation. You have to believe in your team that is helping to take your blog to the next level. You have to give them the motivation they need to work day in and day out.

You can’t be the one who doubts whether the blog you are working on will be a big blog or not. Instead you should believe that yes it will be a big blog and here’s the plan for that. Real CEO’s take responsibility and lead, and the team follows. Owners can never be just like another team member they have to lead. Prepare yourself.

7. Believe In Your Brand

If you don’t believe that your blog will be a big one or top ones in the market, then I am pretty sure that no one in this world can make your blog a big one. Only you – the founder has the power of imagination to make their blog a big one. You might need a help of a lot of people to do that but without you, no one can make it.

So, do believe in the thing that you have created. Think about the reason for which you entered blogging, work on that same reason. Trust that reason and you will be there.

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