4 Holiday Promotions To Ring In Sales

Was that an advertisement for Christmas deals in your local department store—in September?! You’re not imagining it–holiday sales start earlier and earlier each year. Don’t be left behind: here are 4 sales tactics that will get customers in the shopping mood and jumpstart your holiday sales season.

Holiday Promotions

4 Holiday Promotions To Ring In Sales

#1 Cross selling and upselling

Two classic marketing strategies, cross selling and upselling will help you boost sales. Cross selling encourages customers to buy more products by suggesting complimentary but non-competing items. If your shop sells cell phones, use a “Customers also bought” section to suggest the matching case or car charger.

Upselling persuades customers to spend more money by adding features to the same product. Using the same cell phone example, upsell customers with increased storage, product personalization, or even hardware upgrades.

#2 Bundled products

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for bundling products into gift packs. Although your margin per product is reduced, bundled products increase your average cart value. To create a gift pack, select a group of complimentary products (or even 2 of the same product), gift wrap them like a gift basket and offer special pricing. Bundled products encourage purchases by taking the guesswork out of gift giving. Promote your bundled products through a dedicated “Find the Perfect Gift for…” page, or upsell customers through the original product pages.

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