5+ Websites That Will Help You To Get Good Guest Bloggers

Guest Blogging is a perfect example for Win-win situation. Earlier, for some months, this blog was maintained by Guest Authors alone, I was not able to concentrate on my blog those days. For thanking them, I created “Guest Authors Of The Month” post, by which I was able to refresh their faces to the community once again. You can find these posts useful if you are about to guest blog somewhere,

#1 – Guest Blogging: So Why Should You Care?

#2 – You Blog. Should You Guest Blog?

Below I mentioned some websites which helps your blog to get good guest bloggers. You can also find excellent high authority blogs to guest post too.

#1 – MyBlogGuest : My Blog Guest has been started by Ann Smarty, a fairly well-known weblogger and social media user. She’s been guest blogging and building relationships in the blogosphere long enough to understand the power of a guest post – and that’s what she wants to share via her little cozy web community.


This is the one of the recommended websites for building solid relationships with fellow bloggers. You can get high authority blogs to write guest posts and find good guest bloggers for your blog. Love this site!

#2 – Blogger LinkUp : BloggerLinkUp is a service provided by Cathy Stucker and Special Interests Publishing. The purpose of the service is to help bloggers get exposure for their content and find content for their blogs. BloggerLinkUp provides the leads, the rest is up to you. We make the process of finding guest bloggers or placing guest posts easier for everyone.

Blogger LinkUp

#3 – Blog Synergy : BlogSynergy is essentially a catalog of host blogs who are keen to receive guest blog articles. You search for blogs related to your own blog, and then make an offer to write for that blog. The owner of the host blog can then accept or reject your request. BlogSynergy also has a list of guest bloggers who are keen to write guest articles for your blogs. You just need to find writers who write about topics covered by your blog.


#4 – 20 Something Bloggers : 20 Something Bloggers has brought together thousands of bloggers from all over the world, and spawned a vibrant community of like-minded, fascinating people who thrive on one another’s support and feedback. The network includes an active forum, more than 250 subgroups, and an endless stream of community events.

20 Something Bloggers

#5 – Problogger Forums : ProBlogger.com is an opportunity for bloggers to come together to collaborate, learn and network in a private forum.
Areas of discussion include finding readers, making money, writing content, blog design, collaboration, tech issues, blog critiques and much more. This site was recommended to me by a friend of mine, who got lots of contacts and guest bloggers easily.

Problogger Forums

#6 – Gig Logo : This site managed by Karla Campos, is a perfect place for guest blogging, commenting and sharing. It is an interesting community with 200+ members and active participation. A good place for seeking guest bloggers and for guest blogging.

Gig Logo

Do you know any other websites which helps you to find good guest authors for your blogs? Kindly share them in the comments. Cheers.