How To Avoid Google SEO Penalties

Google has set out a lot of guidelines to help people make their websites more search engine friendly. Making your website more search engine friendly is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, some people try to manipulate the search engine in order to have their website ranked higher on the search engine. Google cannot stop people from doing this, but what they can do is punish websites that try to employ such tactics.

With this in mind, the people behind Google set up a bunch of rules. These rules revolve around the things you should not do when optimizing your website. If you try to manipulate the search engine then this is known as Black-Hat SEO. Here are some Black-Hat SEO techniques that you should avoid if you do not want to be punished by Google.

Duplicating the content of other websites

This involves plagiarizing the work of another website. If you take all (or part) of the content of another web page and place it on your web page, then that web page may be punished by Google. Google wants you to upload content that it unique/original. If you plagiarize the work of other people then you are breaking the law, and Google will start punishing websites.

However, contrary to popular belief, it may not be the plagiarizers’ website that is punished. Sometimes the website that uploaded the content first is punished for being the duplicator. Few people understand what criteria Google uses when it punishes websites that duplicate content, but what is known for sure, is that if two web pages have the same content, then one of them is going to suffer.

Spamming links onto comment sections

This can be done manually or with a spam bot. Most of the links will be blocked by the webmaster or blog master, and others will be deleted after the fact. However, some of them are going to remain on comment sections and will act as backlinks for your website. However, as soon as Google realizes what you are doing, it will start to punish your website for it.

Hiding pages on your website

This is done by installing JavaScript links, and can be done in order to hide Black-Hat activity from the search engine; such as a page that asks people to link to the website, or that offers payment for links to the website. Hiding a web page is known as cloaking a website page and will result in you being punished by Google.

Spamming keywords onto your website

This involves putting keywords into the content of your page for no reason other than to optimize for the search engine. You could do this by putting nothing but keywords in the ALT text of your images, or by listing keywords on your content, or creating anchor text for links that is just made up of keywords.

Cloaking keywords on a web page

This is the act of hiding lists of keywords on your website by making the text the same color as the background of the web page. That way the reader cannot see the keywords but the search engine crawler can.

Buying links from link farms

Link farms do not really exist anymore, but the idea is to buy links from a company. This is bad because Google want links to your website to be organic and not purchased. Therefore, Google will punish your website if it finds out that you have bought links from a company or a link farm. Google cannot stop people from selling links, but it can punish the websites that buy from them.