Swift Theme Premium – Thesis/Genesis Alternative

I am a WordPress theme designer and I respect premium themes as I keep designing child themes for them. I have developed some child themes that are mostly used for corporate/Portfolio websites. Swift theme is a great theme and we have used it here on Techbu.com as well as many of my blogs that are niche based. I have experienced a great change after I start using Swift theme. First thing I would mention is that my Google Page Speed increased to 90+ when swift theme was used with caching plugin. This increased my SERP so my blogs rapidly increased page-views per day and it almost tripled in a week. Swift theme has an integrated ad management system with which you can place ads in the best recommended places that has high CTR. So I suggest Swift theme to any blogger who do not have much knowledge of designing and want to write better posts than rather concentrating on blog design. Swift theme is pre-build with Newspaper and blog layout, you can use as per your need. Other features like Breadcrumb navigation, easy menu management, optimized scripts and codes to make your website fast and SEO friendly. There is also a free version of Swift theme which has many nice features and is very competitive to other themes like Freshlife etc.

Swift Theme

Thesis/Genesis is cool for bloggers who really experiment with design. The only things that are a barrier are that it is hard to achieve basic design goals with this premium framework in a time limit. If you start with thesis now and you do not know much about designing, it will take your around a week to learn all tutorials over internet and give good design to your blog. But with Swift theme you can easily create a blog or newspaper layout and start working on content. You can also keep designing your own child theme in the background and update it anytime, you will just need to make minor changes to the blog. Also, you can achieve different design patterns and style with inbuilt Swift control panel that has options to control colors, styles and many other design elements of the theme.

About Swift theme framework and my experience

I would consider Swift as very hybrid theme framework. One side it provide the best control panel option to change your website look and feel. The theme is really well coded and already voted in top 5 WordPress premium theme framework of 2011-2012. This was with other competitors like Genesis, Thesis and Headway. Swift theme has impressed me the first time when I downloaded it. I was very much surprised when I downloaded the Swift theme after purchasing, it was only few hundred KBs, I was thinking that a premium theme should be like 1-2MB. Developer has worked hard to squash a powerful theme in the best coding and size.  Swift theme when installed on my blog that was on 78 on Google page speed, instantly turned to 90+ after installing Swift that too with Newspaper layout which has too many thumbnails. I checked Gtmetrix and I got 90+ page speed grade and almost same with Yslow grade. This further confirmed that Swift was very speedy WordPress theme. I set up the Swift theme news paper layout and other color option and customize some widgets to get good feel. This all was done within a day. I started writing content; I was also happy to see better SERP on my blog and got instant traffic within few hours after publishing the post. I was getting like 100-200 visitors per day that increased and almost tripled to 1k visitors daily within a week. I decided to learn further about designing child theme like swift theme where the forum came to my rescue. The forum is very active and you can get your problem short out easily. I just invested $47 to get the premium edition that I know was invested well by this time. For newbies, Swift is a great lower priced option to get a theme like Thesis or Genesis. It is a secure and fast theme that has a build in child themes like blog and newspaper layout. Although, the theme is not vast spread and you will not find options to download child theme now. But soon developers will get attracted and Child themes will start launching.

Review and Download Swift theme Premium here.

I would love to hear your views about Premium WordPress theme framework and their effects on your blog.

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HOW TO: Get Google Page Speed Report Via W3 Total Cache

Obviously, if you are blogger or webmaster, you would have tried both Google Page Speed and W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin. Now this tutorial is to combine both and help you to give better performance.

Google Page Speed evaluates the page’s conformance to a number of different rules and gives score according to it. W3 Total Cache is a famous WordPress plugin which improve WordPress’ performance and user experience of your site via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network.

In this tutorial, I’ll share some simple ways to get Google Speed Report right on your dashboard.

Here you have to do two things in order to get Google Speed Report on your dashboard.

  1. Get Page Speed API Key from Google APIs.
  2. Update your W3 Total Cache plugin settings.

Get Page Speed API Key from Google APIs

To acquire a free API key, visit the APIs Console. Go to the Project Home tab, activate the Page Speed Online API, and accept the Terms of Service.

PageSpeed ON

Then go to the API Access tab. The API key is in the Simple API Access section.

Simple API Access

That’s it. You can use this API key or generate a new key. Now copy this key and keep it safe!

Update your W3 Total Cache plugin settings

Upgrade the plugin to the latest version if you haven’t. Now go to W3 Total Cache settings | Miscellaneous section.

Enter API Key

Now paste that API key here. After entering the API Key, select “Save all settings”.

Now go to your dashboard, and now you can see instant Google Page Speed Report.

Page Speed Dashboard

The Page Speed Score (0-100) indicates how much faster a page could be. A high score indicates little room for improvement, while a low score indicates more room for improvement. View all results shows all the relevant and detail analysis.

It helped me to save my time, and hope it helps you too.