How Google Instant & Google Caffeine Changes to Rules of the Search Game

In its effort to provide nothing but quality service, Google is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the search game. This can be good news to search engine users who are tired of dealing with websites that do not deliver but rank high in the search engine results page anyway. There were 500 changes that Google made just in 2009 alone. But not all individuals who rely on the internet in running their businesses are thrilled with all these changes.

Google Instant and Google Caffeine

There’s only one thing for internet marketers and entrepreneurs need to do in the light of these modifications and that is to adapt to the revisions as best they can. The two major changes that Google has introduced are Google Instant and Google Caffeine. It is necessary to know about these two updates in order for us to know how to dominate the search marketing game even when the rules have changed.

Google Instant & Google Caffeine – Game of Change?

Google Instant is a real-time predictive search capability which has been integrated in the Google Search Box. While searchers type keywords on the search box, Google will try to predict your actual query and a structured box pops up below the main field which is filled with related query ideas. You can decide to scroll down and select any one of the ideas or you may continue typing your query. But what’s really impressive with Google Instant is how the search results list change as you type your query. The reason for why Google instituted this change is to lessen the time required for searchers to find what they are looking for.

Another aspect of Google Instant is how it suggests different query ideas to searchers. Unlike in the past when searchers had one definite query on their minds which they type in the search box, Google Instant will broaden users’ ideas of how to search.

As different websites fill up the search results page as one continues to type, Google Caffeine also influences the list by selecting the most recent pages. What this means is that websites with recently published content have more chances of shooting to the top of the search results page.

With these changes, there are two things that is essential in order to win the search game—fresh content and keywords. Business owners should make it a point to publish content regularly at the same time pay attention to keywords and phrases that existing and would-be customers are likely to use.