HOW TO: Try Paid Android Apps Before Buying

Google’s Android Market has tonnes of awesome free applications, and they also have some cool paid apps, for which you need to pay for using, obviously. Now you can check this simple trick to try any paid application without buying.

Google doesn’t offer “Try Before You Buy” scheme for testing/trying paid Android apps like Amazon.

Try Paid Android Apps Without Buying – Refund An Android App

#1 Go to Google’s Android Market and buy any of your favorite premium Android applications for your mobile.

#2 Now install that ‘paid’ app on your Android phone. You have the freedom for testing that app for the next 10 -12 (approx.) minutes for free.

#3 After that quickly go back to the Android Market app on your mobile phone. Under “My Apps,” tap the application name that you are trying to refund.

Now hit the “Refund” button and the app will automatically uninstall from your mobile phone.

#4 The application gets uninstall, it may ask you to specify a reason for removing the app.

Remove App

Best option is to check “I’d rather not say” here and now app amount will be refunded. You will not be charged for trying that app now!

You will get an email from Google saying,

You have uninstalled the application from your phone. We have cancelled your order and you have not been charged.

Things to Remember :

1. You have got only 15 minutes to return that application to the Android Market from the time of download after which the “refund” option will disappear.

2. You can return an application only once. If you try to refund an app and purchase it again, you won’t be able to refund it to the Android Market.

[via Digital Inspiration]