Essential Uses Of Google Alerts For Link Building

Google Alerts - MonitorIn case of Link Building one must praise Google Alerts, but it is very unfortunate that not many people take full advantage of this. Some people use a small part of Google Alerts for their Businesses but very few of them are well aware of the whole thing that Google Alerts has to offer. If you want to extend you links that are indexed by Google then you have to take the full advantage of Google Alerts. Here are some tips which you may apply to enhance you link building efforts.

Setting Google Alert Options

One of the main things that many people feel annoying with signing up for Google Alerts is that it creates a lot of mess in their inboxes. However, many people do not know that it allows you to choose the number of alerts you want to receive on Google Alerts. The best way to clean up your inbox is to change the setting from constant alerts to receiving alerts on a regular basis or even weekly basis. Or one more thing you can do is that you can devote a mail address for your Google Alerts so that you can check your alerts at your convenience.

Think About Q&A Queries

Everyday many people who are online are busy asking and answering questions. Instead of searching for too many Questions sites and trying to answer the questions through these sites, it is best for you to go for Google Alerts. By using Google Alerts you will be enabled to answer most relevant questions before anyone answers it. Though it may take some time but you will no doubt be rewarded with a relevant backlink to your page.

Think About Brand Names

A great way to monitor your brand and garner links is Brand name queries; even it may be for misspellings or URL misspellings and domain name misspellings. Let’s take an example – Say you receive a Google Alert from a person who mentioned your domain name or company name, now you can follow these people and you can also thank them by mentioning your brand. You can also bring people back to your site by using hypertext.

You can consider, which acts like a reverse search engine in the concept – “Who’s Searching for You?”. The company reports its database includes more than 205 million US profiles. This also acts as a people search engine, like you can search people who worked with you in past like co-workers, or even friends, and family members.

Think About Your Competitors

You can also consider setting up Google Alerts for your Competitors queries. There are number of ways which you can follow to set this up. It includes the competitor’s name, URL or domain name or even some of the common misspellings. So why not to take the advantage of Google Alerts to get a link for your company in some popular sites?

Think About Keywords

There is another way to use Google Alerts for you own benefit, if you consider link acquisition queries. You may find some sites so often that use the same keyword and content as yours. This type of Google Alerts search may not be a long term strategy as you may end up running into duplicates but never the less it can be a useful tool for you.

Getting Started

It is very easy to get started with Google Alerts. You just need to sign into your Gmail account and then go to “Account Setting” then “Alerts” and then “My products”. Then you need to set up your search queries i.e. your targeted Keywords and Branded terms and don’t forget to decide how often you would like to receive alerts. After that just put the address you would like Google to send the alerts and then you are finally done with it.

Google alerts is like a weapon that you should have in your arsenal and it is very easy to use so just don’t worry. Use these tips given above and it would surely help many guest bloggers i.e., to those who are struggling and not getting proper results from link building. Although ensure to get started with it as mentioned in the last point and feel free to take the privilege from the Google. Just don’t be dependent on these, try out more because there is always a room for improvement and hopefully these reasons will surely help you to improve.

This article is written by Jaykrishna Yadav. He has his link building and guest posting services you can contact him through Skype as jaykrishna.yadav.

Use Google Alerts To Track Links To Your Blog

Google Alerts is a free service that sends you email as and when something of interest takes place on the Internet on a topic which is being monitored by you and which appears newly in Google results. You can monitor developments on the Internet about your own personal name, any developing news story, latest news about any celebrity or almost anything on the Internet. If you own a website or a blog, you can even use Google Alerts to update you by email as and when somebody links to your website. Thus, in this manner you can monitor new backlinks to your website.

To get email updates from Google Alerts when people link to your website, proceed as under:

(1) Visit Google Alerts website. In the search box, type [replace with your own domain address or URL for which you want to monitor the links]. In Type, select Everything; in How often, select As-it-happens (or Once a day or Once a week, as per your choice); in Volume, select All results. Now, enter your email address at which you want to get the Alerts when people link to your website. See the following picture for these settings:

Create a Google Alert to get email updates when people link to your site
Create a Google Alert to get email updates when people link to your site

(2) As you select these settings, Google Alerts automatically shows you the preview for the Alert for Today (you can also manually click Preview results button), as shown below:

Google Alerts

(3) Now, click Create Alert button.

You’ll get the success message informing you that Google Alert was Created. It will also inform you that a verification email has been sent to your designated email address and that you “will not receive Google Alerts on this topic until you click the link in the verification email and confirm your request”.

So, check you email account and in the email received from Google Alerts, verify the Google Alerts request by clicking the link. This email also contains the link to cancel this particular Google Alert if you decide to cancel it in future.

That’s it! Now your Google Alert has been set up. Now onwards, whenever people link to your website, and when that link gets indexed by Google, you’ll get an email update from Google Alert.

Please note that creating a Google Alert does not required you to login with your Google Account; what you require is merely any email address. However, if you use your Google Account and sign in to Google Alert with it, you’ll be in a position to better manage all your Google Alerts.

It may be noted that you’ll get the email update only when Google has indexed the web page that has linked to your website. However, as you’re aware Google is quite fast in indexing web pages. So, usually, you should get the email update of new links to your site on the same day or may be next day.