Google Adwords Enhanced Campaign and the Future ahead of Us

The launch of Google Adwords Enhanced campaign is certainly a game changer in the world of paid advertisement. This change, which is yet to get rolled out globally, is going to change the very structure of how mobile PPC works in particular. So, if you are one of those perfectionists voicing your support vociferously for the creation of separate campaigns for the desktop and mobile devices, I think time has come to rethink your strategy for mobile PPC campaigns. With Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns, you will be able to target different devices for the same campaign and that too without getting yourself muddled with its complexities.

However, before we go any further, we need to know a bit more about this Enhanced thing so that we can make informed decisions:


What is Enhanced Campaign All About?

People are now more connected than ever. They are using smartphones, tablets, TVs, Laptops, PCs and more to stay connected. Now, as they are using switching between devices, it is getting increasingly tough for advertisers to reach out to them when they might be searching for things that they offer. So, it is not just about targeting the specific devices, rather it is about targeting the right audience in the right context and in the precise moment when they are willing to loosen their purse string.

Previously advertisers were required to create separate campaigns for targeting different devices and believe me this led to total chaos. But thankfully with Enhanced Campaign, PPC marketers would not have to bother with this thing anymore. Just wait few more months and you will be able to target different devices, set different locations and different time zones and all these can be managed from a single adwords campaign.

The Obvious Benefits of Enhanced Campaigns

The biggest benefit of running an enhanced campaign is that you can set different requirements for a single campaign and Adwords will show your ads whenever it meets all the requirements successfully.  For say, if you a restaurant owner, you can bid higher for those people who are searching for pizza within 1 KM radius of your store. Or, it could be that your store remains closed on  Saturday, in that case you can lower the bid amount for that day.

And if this is not enough, you can show different ads to different people browsing from different devices right at the same time. For say, if you are selling hotdogs, you can show text ad with a store locator for people who are searching from their smartphones while showing text ads with sitelinks to “Contact Us” page of your website to other people who are browsing from their PC.

So, now we have an idea of the possible benefits of enhanced campaigns and now, we will be taking at it how this thing is going to change our life:


Ads are Going to Get Smarter

The best part of this Enhanced campaign is, what I have discussed earlier as well, that you can make changes in the ads based on the types of devices, times and locations. If you do not wish to make your ads appear on mobile, all you got to do is to down the bid by -100%  which will successfully switch off all adds that will be appearing on mobile devices.

And if this is not enough, Google is going further to bring more feature in it. For say, you will be able to specify which kind of ad extensions you would like to show with a particular texts ads for Desktop users and which ones for the mobile users.

Tracking Mobile Call Conversion has got free

As we are all aware, tracking conversion that is done via calling directly from mobile phone is a tricky as well costly affair. But Google is going to change this scenario by making it easier for people to track the orders or conversions done over the phone. This whole thing will be based on Call duration and to add icing on the cake, you would not have to pay any penny for this.


The Cost of Mobile CPC will be much higher

As of now, there has been a huge gap between the CPC on desktop searches and CPC on mobile devices. As running a PPC campaign solely on the mobile platform is time consuming, there has been less competition on this domain. However, by making it easier to run a campaign on mobile devices, Google is certainly going to encourage advertisers to spend more money on this domain.