8 Good Habits A Matured Blogger Should Have

Mature Blogger HabitsBlogging is not that much easy as it seems to be from outside the blogging arena, before you enter into the blogosphere you need to follow some rules. Don’t always think that rules are made to be broken because some rules when broken can destroy your whole career in a second. It takes a long time to build online reputation, so you need to be good for your fellow bloggers and for that you need to learn good habits any matured blogger should have.

Have you heard about bad or good habits of matured bloggers? As there is always a room for improvement we as a blogger need to improve, we should adopt few good habits so that we can grow while earning respect from our fellow bloggers. When we were in school our parents and teachers teaches us good habits, to make us disciplined. Good habits are always adopted by matured and wise peoples. So being a wise and matured blogger you must fulfill these mentioned qualities.

Let’s dive in and discuss about the good habits of matured blogger.

1. Take Criticism as an Advantage

In your Blogging Career you should always face a phase where people will not appreciate you or criticizes your content. Do not panic, this is very common, you need to keep patient work on those criticisms and take it as an advantage. Try to improve your writing styles and work on the area getting criticisms. Instead of blaming others try to figure out your mistakes and that will make you a great blogger.

2. Don’t Show Off

You always need to be calm and work on your projects effectively so that your reputation can be built among the fellow bloggers. Don’t be over confident and don’t show off your talents to others, else your fellow bloggers will think you as an empty glass which sounds more. Only tell about your qualities when asked or needed. If you try to show off to your fellow bloggers you are definitely not going to touch their hearts.

3. Keep your Promises

Always remember the key to success is your commitment. Once you have committed don’t refuse any work. Always try to deliver work in time so that your fellow bloggers can appreciate about your habits of Time Management.

4. Choose your Assignments wisely

While you choose any assignment be selective about it. Be sure that you can do the work in a given deadline. Many bloggers take as many assignments that are offered to them, this is not good because you need to produce a quality work within a tight deadline. This is not possible if you will open your doors for every offer tat comes to you.

5. Don’t Sell yourself in Cheap

Understand your value and don’t try to sell your self in cheap prices. This may hurt your blogging career. If you have confidence on yourself then set a price for your posts. You are not asking for any free money, it’s your earning for your magical words so you have every power to reject any assignment if that does not fulfill your financial demands.

6. Take Advantage of Social Media for your Work

Take advantage of Social Media to get work, promote your blog posts, etc but don’t indulge your self too much in those things. Time management between your work and social media should be done properly.

7. Be a Good Listener and don’t Claim yourself as an Expert

When you are a good listener people will listen to you, as they have every reason to listen to you. Try to understand their demands and then point out your views on their statements. This will make things much clear and easier for you to work with anybody and in any circumstances.

8. Build Relationships with your fellow bloggers

Yeah that’s true, relationships are built not made. Many bloggers want to fool others by using spun articles or by copying other articles, this must be avoided. This can destroy your reputation as a blogger. Once you have caught red handed in these sort of businesses then you can loose trust, and remember blogging is all about trust.

Hope thee tips of mine would help you to become a matured blogger. If you are a newbie and starting your career you must watch out these qualities among yourself to become a probloggers.

What’s Your Say?

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Let me know if I have missed any point that might be pointed out in good habits of matured bloggers.

This article is written by Jaykrishna Yadav. He is from Bloggers Inspiration, a which deals with Blogging, WordPress, Social Media, Technology, Inspirations, SEO etc.