Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme

Free Vs Premium WordPress ThemeEven before launching the blog/site, creating content, backlinks and all such stuff, the only thing which confuses us the most is finding a good WordPress Theme. Free, premium, themes, child themes, skins, frameworks and there are lot more if you get deep into this themes. From a huge library of free themes, it’s tough to pick one out and if you are looking for a premium one, it’s not so easy. There are hundreds of awesome themes which can make your site look stunning. But when you have a huge database of awesome free themes, why should you choose a premium one? Or why choosing a free theme worth more than a paid one? The reasons does depend on the themes you have in both of your hands.

Free Themes

Free themes are always made using simple code and layouts. The themes may be awesome in looking from the front end, but at the back-end, things are simple. It is said that developers always release a free theme to get some exposure and once they get enough of it, they immediately start developing a better one for paid. Even considering the SEO, there are a lot of things like site structure, navigation, readability, headings, title tags, meta tags and a lot more that matters in a site’s success. Free themes may or may not be seo-friendly and additionally, you get no support for the theme.


  • Free of cost
  • Free to customize the themes
  • Easy upgrades
  • Support on WordPress Community


  • No regular updates
  • No support from the developer
  • No instant solution if the theme has a bug
  • The theme which you are using might also be on hundreds of other blogs. No uniqueness.
  • No Theme Settings/Options

Paid Themes

Premium/Paid themes are made creating the user probably the buyer in mind. Developers use awesome functions and write the most attractive CSS accordingly. Each of the premium theme has awesome features and functions and they even support multiple page layouts which are quite useful while creating custom pages. Most of the premium themes also do support Landing Pages and Portfolio templates while creating a new page and the theme will be definitely (hopefully) SEO friendly.


  • Worth- Every paid theme worth the price
  • Theme Settings/Options- where you can customize the theme with ease
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Support
  • Seen on very less site comparably


  • Price may or may not be affordable
  • Can not be easily customized
  • Prices may vary according to the license (Single, Multiple, Developer)

After analyzing both the free and premium themes, one can easily say; premium themes are far more better than the free ones. Yet, you’ve decided between the free one and the paid one, there is more ahead. There are hundreds of websites that sell premium themes and each site has dozens of themes in its collection. Choosing the right theme becomes harder than anything if you check out a lot of themes.

How To Pick Out The Perfect WordPress Theme?

As there are thousands of premium themes awaiting for your download, you should be careful in picking the best one out as this process isn’t free and you are about to spend some of the bucks from your pocket. The important thing to keep in mind while categorizing the themes out is your site’s niche. Whether it is a personal site or a business/corporate site or maybe a site to show up your portfolio/resume or anything. Choosing a magazine theme for a personal site doesn’t suit good nor using a corporate site for your photo site.


  • Choose the one which suits your site’s niche
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Make sure it is responsive and optimized
  • Supports multiple page layouts
  • Compatible with plugins
  • Support and Updates
  • Faster loading

Selecting a quick loading theme is also quite important as you might get penalized by Google if your site’s loading time is slow, since they consider Site Speed for Search Rankings. In addition to the free and premium wordpress themes, we also have some cool theme frameworks which are premium though but work great and you can also have child themes accordingly. Happy Blogging!