How to Search Google Plus Posts?

Google Plus Search

Since the release of Google Plus, one of the most common questions users have been asking is, “How can I search just Google Plus Posts?

Currently, Google doesn't support for searching Google Plus posts directly, you must add to the end of the query string in Google search box.

In order to solove this problem, there is a little web app called Google Plus Search. This search engine is based on a public API which is Google Custom Search. It's basically just a search box where you input keywords and the results will come from stuff inside Google+. After you search you can also filter the results to only “Profiles”, “Posts”, “Google Reader” items and so on.

Google Plus Search

The app is available as a Chrome Extension, Android App and as a Web browser add-on for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

10+ Special Firefox Add-ons For Visually Impaired Users

Firefox Add-onsMozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is the most widely used Web Browser next to Google Chrome. People normally prefer Firefox for browsing the Internet, and that also includes buddies who are visually challenged.

Fortunately Firefox developers and other people developed Add-ons which helps them to access the web more properly and comfortably. I also recommend people to use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser, so that they won’t find any issues and problems with the installation process. Earlier we shared another similar article called Special Browsers For Visually Impaired Users. Below I mentioned some special Firefox Add-ons for visually impaired buddies.

#1 – ColorBlindExt : This extension helps color-blinds while browsing the web, by processing images and text on the page according to the type of user’s color-blindness. Color Blindness detection test is included for creating awareness among people.

This extension is an aid to colorblind people. It is developed for color-blinds, to help them while browsing by processing web pages so that they can recognize information. And to create awareness among people, as many are unaware of there color-blindness ‘color blindness detection test’ is included.

#2 – colorXtractor : colorXtractor is a Mozilla Firefox extension, written for people with color blindness. It helps people with color blindness to distinguish colors. The main feature of colorXtractor is to display a color under the mouse cursor, after clicking on the extension’s icon.

The user can also change some options. He or she can select between different color databases and format the color string. The RGB, HSL and CIELAB color values and the x-y coordinates can be displayed.

#3 – Colorblind simulator : This extension is a powerful tool that can help webpage developers get an impression of how a webpage looks for people that have some sort of color vision deficit (e.g. Dichromacy). Approximately 10% of the people have color deficits, so it’s advisable for web designers to test webpages for poor color choices to avoide excluding people from their site.

This tool simulates how webpages look for people with:

  • Protanopia
  • Deuteranopia
  • Tritanopia

#4 – Colorblinds Tool : This extension helps colorblind people. It adds a menu item to the context menu for images. With this menu item you can analyze an image on with one click. assists you with an image daltonizer and a colorname picker.

This extension helps people with an color deficit. It adds a new menu item to the context menu for images. With this menu item you can analyze an image on with one click. You can specify your kind of color deficit (Protanopia, Deuteranopia or Tritanopia) in the preferences menu of this extension.

#5 – Make Address Bar Font Size Bigger : This extension makes the URL Address Bar font size bigger. No need to know CSS or any hand coding to style the font-size, like other extensions!

This extension makes the URL Address Bar font size bigger.The font size for the URL Address Bar’s autocomplete dropdown will also be bigger. Great for users who have higher screen resolutions and bad eyesight. No need to know CSS or any hand coding to style the font-size, like other extensions!

#6 – Eyesight check : Though this add-on is not capable of improving the browsing experience of visually impaired buddies, still this one can help/improve eye sight in some manner. This add-on shows smaller and smaller symbols until you stop recognising them.

If you see fine, try to close one eye, or to change the distance, or to exercise with a different lighting. When you choose perfect conditions, you can start a daily exercise experiment.

#7 – Check My Colors! : This addon is a button that can be added to the tool bar. To add, right click on the toolbar and select customize. It will then allow you to place a button on the toolbar to run the tests. This is a tool that will allow web developers to analyze their webpages for problems with color. It will allow a simulation to see what a colorblind person would see and perform a series of tests on color contrast and difference.

However, this tool will also check color contrast and color difference for normal sighted persons as well.

#8 – N-Abled Web Accessibility Toolbar : N-Abled Web Accessibility Toolbar enhances your web browsing experience with the N-Abled toolbar.
Main features includes Screen reader, colour schemes, zoom in and out, change font size.

#9 – Accessibility Scripts Toolbar : A toolbar containing scripts to improve the usability and accessibility of any given webpage for blind computer users by providing functionality to solve commonly encountered problems caused by bad web design practices.

Hotkeys to turn on and off the toolbar: alt + v (view menu), alt + t (toolbars menu), and alt + a (on/off toggle).

#10 – Image Zoom : Image Zoom adds zoom and rotation functionality for images.

Easily zoom in, zoom out, fit image to screen or set custom zoom on individual images within a web page. All this can be done by using the context menu or a combination of mouse buttons and scroll wheel. Handy to see the finer details of smaller pics or to make very large pics fit within your screen.

#11 – Make Font Size Bigger Pack : This extension is a PACK that makes the URL Address Bar, Tab Bar, and Status Bar font size bigger.

No need to know CSS or any hand coding to style the font-size, like other extensions!

If you think this article benefits people, do share this. Also if you know any other useful Firefox Add-on, please share them in the comments.