Download Files From Rapidshare & Megaupload As Premium User

ZeveraEvery time I use Rapidshare, MegaUpload and other hosters for downloading important files, I’m stuck with lots of issues. Not to mention – slow download speed, downloading limits and lots of troubles. Unless you are a premium user you cannot escape from these. Don’t worry we have a solution here, by which you will be able to download any files you want as premium without waiting time, at a very high speed, no matter on which site the files are hosted and without subscription to those file hosting website.

Using Zevera you can now direct download without delays and here we explain why this one is recommended. Zevera is continuously gaining popularity among Internet users around the world. Using their services you can upload, store, download and organize music, videos, photos, documents and any other file types without much pain.

How Zevera Works

Zevera will act as an intermediary between the user and the hosting websites (like Rapidshare, MegaUpload, etc) allowing you to directly download files stored on the server of these hosters at a high speed.

Zevera Downloading

To download files using Zevera, you just need to pick the links of the file you wish to download. Now paste the links on the download page or into the free downloading application installed on your computer. Automatically the links will be checked if they exist on the hosting website. That’s all, now the files will be downloaded to your computer immediately and at a very high speed. Piece of cake right?

Features of Zevera

  • Premium Features for Low Cost. By paying a small fee you can enjoy unlimited premium features and you can access any popular file sharing sites without any subscription fee. You can check the pricing here.
  • High downloading speed. Zevera provides high downloading speed, so you don’t need wait for getting your favorite files from your favorite file hosters. Zevera got some fast servers, so this will be in a blink!
  • Additional services. Apart from downloading files hosted on other file sharing websites we offer many additional services such as: a. Organizing your files; b. Unlimited space for uploading your files; c. Integrated search engine; d. Anonymous proxy surfing and more.

Additional Features of Zevera

Zevera not only provides you the option for downloading files, but it also has some cool stuffs.

1. Zevera Downloader : It is a program installed on your computer. Using the downloader you can have a complete environment to automate your downloads. It also helps you manage the contents of your folders, classifying movies, music by category etc.

2. Search Files : You can also use Zevera as a search engine where you can search your required files from different hosting services and download them instantly.

3. File Hosting Service : Yes, it is also a file hosting service, so you can upload your files and share them with your friends or keep it as backup.

4. Use as Proxy : Zevera is an anonymous proxy server which enables you to visit any websites you want completely anonymously.

Supported file sharing websites:,, ,,, rs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Soon – To – Be Supported file sharing websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Overall Zevera is an useful tool for managing your typical “downloading” life and recommoneded one.

Peer To Peer (P2P) Definitions For Newbies

Peer To Peer is a network protocol used for downloading torrents or P2P files. P2P software allows browsers to connect with each other to search for and download content. HereĀ  files are shared directly between network users without the assistance of a central server.

TorrentsTorrent : This is a small metadata file and ends with .torrent extension. This torrent file contains all the information about the files (movies, music, games, etc) that you are downloading. When the P2P download initiates, a torrent file is sent to the computer.

Peer : A peer is another user in the network or the internet (Just like you), who is interested in downloading some files. A peer doesn’t have the complete file on his/her computer.

Seed : As the name says, a seed is the originator of the file. The seed has the complete file on his/her computer. There can be multiple seeds for a same file on the Internet. This makes the P2P sharing more useful.

Swarm : A swarm is the group of people associated with a particular file. This included seeds and peers. Together, all users sharing a torrent are called a swarm. Six peers and two seeds make a swarm of eight.

Leech : A leech is a peer who has a negative effect on the swarm because of very poor share ratio. In other words, downloading much more than they upload. Some leeches hurt the swarm to avoid uploading by using modified clients or limiting their upload speed.

Tracker : The Tracker is the server of the torrent site that monitors or tracks the progress of your download. It keeps track of which seeds and peers are in the swarm. The tracker is not directly involved in the data transfer and does not have a copy of the file.

Snubbed : An uploading client is flagged as snubbed if the downloading client has not received any data from it in over 60 seconds.

DHT : It stands for Distributed Hash Table. This table is used by tracker to compile a list of peers that host a particular file.

Usage : Yesterday, I used P2P file sharing to get a copy of God Father. I got the torrent for it easily. The tracker referred to the DHT and showed me 30 seeds and 60 peers. The entire swarm has grown very well this week.