5 Reasons Why Online Writers Fail

online writing fail“I love writing…”, “Writing is my passion…”, “I’m a professional writer…”

Have you ever come across these phrases? You probably might have. Let me tell you something, which is hyped crap, junk, bullshit or whatever.

Very few online writers actually live up to what they say. Their love and passion for writing is clearly visible in the way they write and their approach too is quite professional. The rest are mostly failures and don’t really know what passion, love and professionalism mean.

In fact passion and professional are the two words that are so overthrown that they have lost their meanings pretty much.

So, are you a writer? Haven’t lived up to your expectations? Are these the reasons why most online writers fail?

1. Grammatical Errors – #1 Reason Online Writers Fail

For instance, consider this audacious statement – “I likes Bananas”

You probably know what I mean. Firstly, your grammar is faulty and secondly you’re not really good at playing with words.

The above statement can be perceived in a 100 different ways. So my advice would be to stop calling yourself a professional in the first place.

I’d also suggest you to work on your grammar, which is a minimum requirement. For this, reading good books is what I suggest. Online writing is different from offline writing, so you should read top-notch blogs like Copyblogger, Problogger etc. You should also consider on proofreading your work before publishing.

2. Using Inappropriate Puns too Makes Online Writers Fail

Here’s another example – “Roger” is not the same as “Roger that”

It’s the same again, when you’re not familiar with puns (playing with words), avoid them. Just look up the meanings of what they mean and you’ll be totally surprised.

Unsure about puns, don’t use em’! To use puns better, I’d suggest knowing it’s complete meaning and checking the meaning of its close similarities as well. Once you know how to use puns, you’ll attract a lot more offers because being playful with words matters a lot in online writing, readers love it!

3. Asking too Many Questions is a turn-off

“What? Why? When? Where? Who?”

Frankly that is too much for anybody’s liking. Asking questions is good, it arouses interest but if you’re asking too many, it’s a turn off.

Why? Firstly, it breaks the natural flow of your post. When you’re conveying something through your post, T and failing to answer them can be a big blow to your authority.

4. Wikipedia-Style – Most Popular Reason Online Writers Fail

You’re writing is boring, bland, lifeless and unappealing because you write Wikipedia-style.

I’ll give it you straight; Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia; so an encyclopedia irrespective of being online or offline is for reference or educational purposes.

Online writing (sometimes educational) is fast, cutting-edge and straight to the point.

5. Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over Again

For you, 1+1 is always gonna be 3 i.e. making the same mistakes without varying your approach.

Yep, you’re always making the same mistakes. You don’t vary your approach and when that is the case, expecting astronomical results will only be a distant dream.

Know what mistakes you’re doing (admitting them is a really tough job), how you can improve on them, what methods and approaches have failed consistently and what clicked.

Remember this, everyone makes mistakes, learning from them is important because you’ll know where you’re strong at plus you’ll also have the experience to guide others as well.

Online writing is not at all easy.

I’ve done my own share of mistakes and cheap errors. The thing is I learnt from my mistakes, picked up tidbits of valuable information along the journey and read quite a lot of blogs to better my writing skills.

I won’t call myself an expert or professional but I’ve gone through enough experiences to guide you with your writing.

Your Turn?
Are you a failure with your writing? Been through a rough patch? Do any of the above reasons apply to your writing?

There’s a lot to share with me, let me hear your thoughts.

10+ Reasons Why Google Chromebook May Fail

Google Chromebook is believed to be the new era of computing, but considering the fact that it also has some disadvantages, there rises a question. We already wrote what Microsoft Kin Smartphones and Apple iPad lacked.

Samsung and Acer Chromebooks

1. Good Internet Connection

Since majority of the works you do are based online, you will probably need a good internet connection.

Consider these situations: Both 3G and Wi-Fi have their own limitations. Mobile broadband connections won’t work or connect in many locations. Home Wi-Fi routers may stop to work anytime. Yes, these are also possible on regular PCs and netbooks, but Chromebook users will affect a lot.

Though you can also get offline access to most of the files, a decent internet connection adds more value to it. So I believe connectivity can be another disadvantage.

2. Data Plans

You will get around 100 MB of free data transfer each month for two years, after that you are better off paying for 3 GB of data transfer for each month.

3. Compatibility

Using Chrome OS, you won’t be able to run your Windows Application directly. Moreover you won’t be able to install many software.

4. Security

Well, this is something, for which you have to keep trust — both on Google and Cloud. The recent cloud attacks and Blogger downtime are bit worrying though. It is not a good idea to rely primarily on the cloud.

5. Information About You

Your Chrome OS account will be liked to a Google account, so it is possible for them to gather more information about you, which you may not like. Google owns your hard drive.

6. Default Browser – ONLY!

Suppose if your website or your own web application doesn’t work well with Chrome then you are stuck!

You won’t be able to use another browser (unless you use Virtual Machine kinda thing) except the ultimate Google Chrome, Google shows more love for Chrome than Microsoft showed for IE. 😀

7. Not everyone goes ONLINE

If you are an average net user, who has no experience of doing things in online, then this Chrome concept may sound different or even weird.

8. Limited Software

The selection of Chromebook software is limited. Though Google is trying their best to provide free and low cost apps, it is not admirable.

Google can provide Google Docs for Microsoft Word, but they won’t be able to provide alternative to the massive Adobe Photoshop.

9. Gaming?

Forget about it if you are a hardcore gamer.

10. Printing your documents

Well, unless you own a printer that allows you to print directly from cloud, you have to set up Google’s Cloud Printer on both your Chromebook and a PC. Hard time!

11. Apple fan? Forget about ti!

ZDNet blogger pointed out that most of the Apple products are not compatible with Chromebook. Millions of existing users will suffocate.

12. Bit costly – comparatively

A good quality Chromebook is available for 400$ and believe me you can get a powerful netbook worth that price! They should have reduced the price to at least 150$.

You will surely get some better hardware than what Samsung and Acer are offering.

13. You can make your own Chromebook!

Well, you can indeed make your own Chromebook on the cheap by simply installing Chromium OS on any netbook you own already

It will take only minutes to wipe the previous OS and install Chromium.

I know all the gadgets and software have both good sides and bad sides, but when you are spending your bucks you should consider the bad sides as well.

Do you think Consumers are ready for Cloud? Will people prefer iPad 2 over Chromebook? Do share your opinions below as comments.