8 Elegant Tips To Improve Your Facebook Presence

Facebook can be a great source of quality traffic. It now has over a billion members, so you can be sure that there are lots of people interested in your niche there.

Yet actually reaching these people takes some know-how. In this article, we’ll be revealing some simple tips to quickly build your Facebook following.

Tip 1: Add a Facebook Button on Your Blog

You can use your website or blog to get more likes to your Facebook page. Go to the Developer’s page for Facebook Social Plugins.

Slashsquare Facebook Page Box

This is a simple way to turn your blog visitors into Facebook fans. It’s often easier to connect with people on Facebook than on your blog. Many people log onto Facebook daily, and once they like your page, they will be able to see any updates that you publish.


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Tip 2: Publish Frequent Updates on Your Blog

One of the best ways to grow your following on Facebook is to be very active. This gives people a chance to share what you publish and gain more likes to your page. You have to give some thought to what you publish, of course. It should be eye-catching, interesting and relevant to your topic.

When posting to your blog, remember that people are drawn to images and videos more than text. You don’t have to post photos or videos all the time, but give people some variety. Photos are more likely to be shared than anything else, which is another reason to post them. For this you need to improve your Blog Posting Frequency.

Tip 3: Ask People to “Like” Your Page

You can simply ask your Facebook friends to like your page. If you keep your personal Facebook profile and your business page completely separate, you might not want to do this. If, however, you have no problem with your friends and family knowing all about your Business, it can be an effective tactic. You can also invite your friends through “Invite Friends” option.

suggest invite friends facebook

This is why it helps to have as many Facebook friends as possible. Each of them is a potential fan for your page. Don’t do this too frequently, though. Your Facebook friends won’t appreciate it if they keep getting messages promoting your page. You can target new friends, so you don’t keep bothering the same people over and over.


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Tip 4: Mention Business Related Topics on Your Personal Page

This is another tip that involves connecting your personal and business pages. Again, you don’t want to overdo this but there’s nothing wrong with posting links on your personal wall that are about your business every so often.

You can also tag your page on your Facebook wall. You have to use your own judgement when deciding how often to do this. How receptive are your friends to your business topic?

Tip 5: Use Paid Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has its own paid advertising platform. Even if you’ve never used it, you’ve surely seen ads on Facebook. What’s good about these ads is that they are targeted. When you set up a Facebook ad, you can choose some targeting criterias like gender, age, geography, education and interests. This is very good for niche marketing.

Facebook Promoted Posts

Keep in mind, however, that most Facebook users are not in a shopping mode when they visit a social site. For this reason, you are better off using ads to get likes to your page than to try to sell anything.

Aside from regular ads, you can also purchase a Sponsored Like Story. This can be a way to quickly gain many new likes to your page.

Tip 6: Use Your Facebook Page as Your Signature

Many people advertise their businesses and websites using signatures in their emails. You can also make your Facebook page your signature. Another way to use this is in discussion forums where you’re allowed to have a signature with a link.

This way, every time you send out an email or post in a forum, you will be advertising your Facebook page! What do you think of this? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tip 7: Log In and Use Facebook as Your Fan Page

When you have both a Facebook page and a personal page, you have a choice of logging in as either. When you log in as your “fan” page, that will be visible whenever you comment on another page or wall.

Facebook as page

This is a way to get more attention to your page, as people will see it no matter what you post. The more active you are, the more effective this will be. Don’t spam, but leave relevant comments when you can.

Tip 8: Join and Participate in Groups

Facebook groups are a good place to find people who are interested in your topic. Look for the most popular groups, join them and participate. Don’t just post comments like, “Please visit my page,” as this will be a turnoff.

Facebook Groups Interaction

Use groups as a way to network and meet people. This will cause more people to check out your profile. You may get new Facebook friends this way too, and these people can be recruited to like your page.

Conclusion: Growing Your Facebook Page Each Day

You can increase your influence on Facebook a little more each day. The key is to be active and to post material that your friends and fans will like.

Facebook gives you a real opportunity to create viral content. When people start sharing your posts, you can quickly gain lots of new fans. This will only happen, though, if you post content that’s appealing and targeted to your fan base.

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