8 Tips To Get More Likes And Comments On Facebook

We secretly yearn that our friends will like and comment on each Facebook status we put up, else we wouldn’t have posted something with the intention of communicating with ourselves, right? If you’re lucky, you might get 5-10 comments and likes but if you aren’t, your posts would seem quite ‘lonely’. This doesn’t look good for your profile especially if your Facebook account is a fanpage for your business.

So Just How Do You Garner More Likes And Comments?

Having more friends on Facebook might not be the solution if you just don’t know how to engage your friends/fans, so let’s see what you can do to get more interests in your status updates:

1. Post in the mornings and evenings

Facebook Likes and CommentsSeveral studies conducted have revealed that these are the times that people are the most likely to check their Facebook, most probably upon arrival at the office before the start of a new day or after dinner and a shower.

Of course, common sense tells you too that posting in the middle of the night is unlikely to get you far as your posts would have been pushed down the newsfeed by other posts when morning comes.

2. Comment on others’ statuses too

By regularly interacting with your friends, a bond is formed and they would be more likely to check out your pages as well as state their views on your posts. Else, some would be obliged to return the favor if you have been regularly commenting on their posts. This explains the close-knit community that bloggers form; they regularly check and comment on each other’s blogs.

3. Ask for opinions

It doesn’t have to be real-world issues like “How would the greenhouse effect affect you?” People turn to Facebook to unwind, so asking such a question is unlikely to get you your desired response. Your question could be something fun like “Should I buy that $3,000 bag or an iPad?” Simple but good enough to get some answers!

4. Stay relevant

This is targeted at those who have business fan pages. Make sure your posts are always relevant to what you do; after all, fans connected with you for a reason.

It is OK to post happenings or news once in a while but if your personal photos and Youtube videos start appearing often, then you should remind yourself of your page’s objective.

5. Post more photos

Analysis of Facebook activities have indicated that photos are the contents that garnered the most likes and comments as compared to status updates, videos and links. It is easy; just ask yourself which would grab your attention easier?

You’d need to read status updates, watch the videos and click on links, which are definitely more tedious than looking at a photo, right? Photos tend to be more interesting too, just as the saying “A picture says a thousand words”.

6. Ask people to like your contents

Sometimes, asking the obvious is the best way to get things done! After posting a short status or photo, add “Like my photo if you think I rock!

It is amazing that you would get more likes by actually asking out loud for people to do so. You would have received at some time a request asking you to vote for a friend’s photo submitted for a contest. What did you do? You voted, right?

7. Ask for help/tips

People are bound to help a damsel (or dude) in distress if they could. People also love to show off that they know something! So the next time you can’t figure out how to get to a place or need to locate a book, just ask on Facebook if anyone can help.

8. Tease or challenge

Don’t you think you are likely to reply to a friend who posted “I did 10km in 32 minutes, can you? 😉” Do you remember the time that the diamond-popping game, Bejeweled, was the craze? We could send invites to our friends challenging them to beat our score. No one likes to be challenged, so say something to taunt them!

These are the 8 simple ways how you can get more people to like and comment on your Facebook status. Whichever method you choose, remember that moderation is the key, so don’t overdo your postings, taunts, challenges and questions.

Your friends are likely to find you annoying if you ‘blast’ them with endless questions and challenges and might ‘unfriend’ you, defeating your very purpose!