Why Bloggers Can’t Relax On Facebook

Bloggers and FacebookFacebook has always been one of the hot-spot for bloggers for fun and for connections. Obviously, everyone would like to tap the power out of 800 active million users. No wonder users are so obsessed with Facebook. As a blogger, I stay online most of the time and honestly, 30% of my time I’m on Facebook. Either going through my news feed, chatting, answering my readers questions and so on. But by the end if I think, was it any good? Was it any profitable for me? The only thing which I feel right now it: Facebook is really no more a fun and relaxing place for online earners especially bloggers. It’s a place where you have to be because of your marketing needs but if you indulge yourself into fun part of Facebook, you are missing out with your competitor.

The Era of Email has gone

It is no more than 6-8 months when I got few emails asking me to write guest posts on their blog but from the past few months, I have not even received a single email by a blogger. All the emails I get are from my subscriptions etc.

What is happening with me is that everyone who wants to communicate with me using Facebook. They send me emails asking questions, help for their problems, asking me to write for them etc. If they want to chat with me, they can simply do it with Facebook.

It’s nothing amazing that Facebook is being used for all this because Facebook is really the most simplest and easiest way to communicate with other’s nowadays.

How it’s creating problems

It’s really good that all my communications are added on Facebook and I can communicate directly with them without shifting between different sites. Well, everything has a side-effect.

Sometimes I want to relax and chat with my friends or see their pics so I turn offline but anything I do is updated on the ticker and my clients and fellow bloggers can see it. Its looks unprofessional to them and they think that I am avoiding them. I came to know this when one of my blogger friend told me that he didn’t expect this from me. As a blogger you should also maintain good relationship with your clients.

How to Avoid these problems?

There are only two ways to avoid these problems, simply turn offline and be visible to only those you want or follow the second one. The second method which I know of is to create a new profile, hide it from search results and only add your friends and family. In this way, you can sign out from your business-profile and sign in to your other profile where you have added your friends and family.

You may not know that Facebook keeps track of your online activity, sucks it into its database where it remains forever. You can read this post for stopping Facebook from tracking your web-activity.

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